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Well beyond its conclusion and Blu-rays, the curse which is reverse-trap harem anime, Mayo Chiki, still continues to viciously flaunt its erotic nature – now through the release of two oppai asserting dakimakura.

The series’ sadistic bishoujo Kanade is the first of two dakimakura to come – providing a suggestive pose on both ends of the dakimaura, and dragging attention to her body under two separate contexts. Her huggable pillow format exhibits her in a malfunctioned dress which somehow magically hangs onto her bust whilst she seemingly touches herself with one hand, inviting onlookers with the other – meanwhile, the back of said pillow portrays her minus the dress, yet now sporting a bra which came from who knows where.

Her pantsu are visible on the front illustration where she’s teasing a dress – yet that brassiere simply appeared from nowhere. And incidentally, her oppai appear to be much larger whilst she wears a bra – padded perhaps? However there’s nothing which can account for her meaty bishoujo thighs which at least settled for stockings.

As for the second dakimakura, it’s a treat too delicious – pink haired Usami boasting her ideally sized assets in complementing green and white striped underwear. Bigger is not always better as one can see – Usami’s more petite physique leaves her far more enticing a sight than the fleshy bishoujo who fails to even satisfy the standard of shimapan, having instead went with lace, only to make little visually pleasing use of it.

Returning to the far superior Usami, she even delivers sultry satisfaction in the ways of sukumizu – allowing her school mizugi to slip off her upper body, yet unfortunately, again have her breasts been censored all so inconveniently. Yet at least the respite we do receive is the savory sight of her rear in shimapan which honestly not only makes up for the other issues of the dakimakura, such as the sub-par bishoujo or much despised censorship, however also makes the entire series of Mayo Chiki, awful as it is, worthwhile solely for this moment of 2-D posterior ogling.

We look forward to the release of Usami – the bishoujo, we’ll not even remember, that is unless of course Mayo Chiki decides to remind us again of her again in some new erotic display it devises.

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