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Top 48 Moe Females Of Winter 2011-12

Feb 26, 2012 @ 0:18 CDT

2ch’s chart of the top 32 moe females has been revised to include a total of 48 females, amongst rearranged ranks – yet one can be sure something which hasn’t changed is that Misaki Mei is still number one.

Overlooking those who have retained their thrones, now rightfully within the second level of the pyramid is Aquarion EVOL’s adorable and busty bishoujo “MIX” – her tsundere personality and imouto-like appearance is far more delectable than the raunchy character of the same series she managed to send two spots down, the green haired Zessica.

And on another note, another character of another anime, entitled “Another”, has simply pulled off a hat trick – coming from nowhere right into the higher rankings of the chart. Another’s twintailed tsundere character took the spot of Smile PreCure’s heroine – demoting her entirely off of the top 32. This is likely as result of all the smiling she does in the latest episode. Though in respect to Smile PreCure, do notice the series’ crybaby yellow mahou shoujo retains her position – only having had her profile image changed to one more moe.

Ano Natu’s blue haired character dropped a spot, and up came Aquarion’s imouto fetish character Mikono. Meanwhile, Nisemonogatari’s Tsundere-chan has been suppressed in favor of InuBoku’s ridiculously cute pink haired glutton Karuta. One can notice a trend in the top contending series here – InuBoku putting up a strong fight, and Aquarion attempting to fill the chart with its females, currently having a total of five listed, some of whom succeed in reaching the upper levels.

Yet in the end, Another remains the most potent – the undefeatable Misaki Mei stills sits as number one, and the tsundere following not too far behind.

As for those that remain, listed at the very bottom beneath the top 32, there’s a good reason for such – and thus, we don’t care as much as about who, what, or why they’re there, though if you’d to examine them, do feel free.

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