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Persona 4 Blu-Ray Not Just HD In Name

Feb 26, 2012 @ 4:34 CDT

With the coming of another Persona 4 Blu-ray volume, again do we enjoy comparing the differences between BD and TV – with the former sporting refined facial features, as well as noticeable alterations in scenes.

Looking through the side-by-side comparisons below, the Blu-ray rendition either being explicitly marked, or missing the TV watermark in the upper right, one can see that unlike most anime Blu-ray releases, that of Persona’s actually has a hefty amount of visible difference quality-wise. Character faces in particular are a major point of divergence between the televised and BD variants – one can notice many a face comes re-illustrated with finer lines, more precise shadow work, and an overall more slender, or well-shaped, oval.

Scenes are redone where necessary or simply desired – frames added here and there for a smoother transition, and colors all improved as is standard with any Blu-ray. Splendid to see some studios still realize the purpose of high definition media is to make it accomplished in quality as well.

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