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Mirai Nikki approaches the end with an explosive 20th episode – giving a new meaning to “moe terrorist”, focusing on a rather unusual romance, yet not forgetting about the necessary death and bloodshed.

Continuing at a point not a second later than previously left off, the series shows that Yukiteru is plainly an idiot – confident or not, wearing new clothes, or any alteration for that matter, regardless of how slight or significant, seemingly cannot change the fact that the protagonist of this series is some sort of imbecile. In response to learning the yandere murdered not only her parents, but essentially herself as well, the real Gasai Yuno, Yukiteru simply says “Yuno is Yuno” – as if that were valid reasoning for murder.

He’s apparently also forgotten that she took him and his friends hostage, with the latter set for death, and the former, himself, treated like a pet. If he’s satisfied with pairing himself with an unstable yandere character whose emotion swings like the wind, a variety of directions every episode, so be it – though he’s solidifying the fact which we came to realize about him many episodes back, he’s a loser of a main character with no functioning intellectual processes.

Moving onto some interesting individuals, Akise looks to be planning his next course of action – there’s nothing much from him this episode, though we’re positive that he’s probably the second most knowing, or at least insightful, after Deus Ex himself. Akise will, in all likelihood, be a major player in the very last moment of the series – and whatever he’s going to contribute there, that is partially what he’s preparing now.

Attention then turning to the adorable terrorist Minene-sama, this episode actually focuses more on her than anyone else. She decides on killing Eleventh, the mayor of the city – and so she heads out to do just that. Arriving to Eleventh’s location, she learns of his maniacal plan to connect the server diary to a super computer he has, and having given every citizen of the city access to the computer in question, that means now anyone of the city can now see into the future. This we did not expect – it’s a rather ridiculous idea, albeit it makes sense.

One wouldn’t have thought Mirai Nikki would turn in a conspiracy-like affair – though it has, and Minene-sama is not fond of it. She tosses a grenade at Eleventh and his super computer – only to have it thrown back to her, Eleventh somehow has everything known in advance thanks to his diary, “The Watcher”, as he enjoys calling it in a deep voice as if he were some stereotypical criminal character.

Realizing her every move is compromised, Minene makes a run for it – hoping her diary of escape can assist her in making a getaway, yet as she experiences first hand, Eleventh’s diary does truly know much, and Minene is kept safe from capture only by Nishijima who for some reason, is not logged by Eleventh’s diary. He’s come to her aide, and he bears a gift for his beloved terrorist – a ring with a proposal of marriage, which is fairly touching till he pulls a line made famous by a certain perverse monk of generic demon action series, Inuyasha, “Please bear my children”.

She doesn’t reply of course, only turning sanguine instead and going about her scheme to defeat Eleventh – Nishijima now following and making clear his devotion to her. We wouldn’t say we liked Nishijima much, yet we had no reason to dislike him either – however seeing him ask Minene to “bear his children” and reply with a positive when asked by her if he merely wants her body, we can’t help but feel his character, which formerly seemed one rather serious in this universe of otherwise demented or deranged souls, was completely tarnished.

He was turned to no more than a joke, even if he was joking himself – and this is further made undeniable by how he keeps pushing the topic of children and marriage whilst Minene is attempting to carry out her plot. Ultimately, she does succeed, or so she thought, with the support of Nishijima – only to learn they didn’t manage to bring a halt to Eleventh’s course of action. Yet as Akise sends the usual group of highschoolers to help the terrorist, then Minene-sama is back in metaphorical business once more.

Having caught the trick behind Eleventh’s diary, she, alongside Nishijima, scale the building in which Eleventh is hiding – all going flawlessly in a manner of anticipated “too good to be true” effect. Eleventh’s secretary has a diary which isn’t susceptible to the same flaw as that of Eleventh’s – and thus, Nishijima shortly finds himself dead, and Minene, with one hand less, now matching the state of her eyes.

Our respect for Nishijima reassembles as he outright sacrifices himself for the sake of Minene – using himself as a human shield to take a hail of bullet fire, and prevent it from killing his love, the moe terrorist Minene-sama. Defending her so dearly, it’s certainly clear he didn’t simply love her body – but perhaps a bit more than that, and for the first time, someone has actually expressed their care for the terrorist who has never before experienced such compassion.

Minene is driven momentarily mad at the death of Nishijima – yet then comes Yukiteru and yandere, mowing down everyone with automatic guns, and happily admitting he used the terrorist as bait to safely traverse the building himself, making himself out to be a cowardly swine of an incompetent character. However the episode abruptly stops there – leaving us with the knowledge that a showdown is to come, and a hope that Minene gets her wish in the end, whatever it may be.

Note that in between all this, Deus Ex has determined that the chibi creature he houses, Murmur, looks to have ulterior motives as she’s the one who has enabled many of the recent events to unfold. In response, Deus decides to do something, yet just what, we don’t know. It goes unspecified as to what he’s done – however we do see he pierces Minene’s body like a kebab, yet in a manner which leaves her thinking that was no more than an illusion a split-second later. Or in other words, he did something – although it’s beyond our perception.

And in respect to the conspiratorial aspect, Deus says himself that he worked with Eleventh to make the diaries – subsequently inciting a whistling noise as we hear the story falling into the realms of fail, yet at least we’re already engulfed to the point we’d like to see this play out regardless.

If there’s anything we do know with certainty, it’s that Mirai Nikki is bracing itself to go out with a bang – and with some excessive exclamation marks at that, enough to defile your grammar.


  • Hawkward says:

    The yandere elements were too much for TV to handle this time, a lot of things got censored as Minene and Nishijima were under attack… I really want Minene to win this game of god however…

    I’m not too certain if Yuno is really planning to let Yuki kill her if all goes to plan, she clearly loves Yuki so there could be just one sick love she has for him, but who’s to say they won’t have a Mr & Mrs Smith’esque showdown themselves. We have yet 6 more episodes to go (with 25 and 26 maybe being OVA’s?), so a lot can still happen.

    However, I was kind of disappointed that Nishijima didn’t have a feature at the end of the episode. Okay he may not be a diary owner, but they could have at least made a skit for his love towards Minene, as he was a rather important character to some degree.

    • Eh… I dunno about Nishijima. I feel he was more or less just thrown into the story to give Minene’s character some more depth to it. We never really got to know much about him other than his being a police officer and his comparatively minor roles in some of the battles up to this point.

      That aside, I have more than a bit of difficulty believing his feelings as genuine. What does he really know about Minene? And suddenly he’s all over her, asking her to bear his children?

      Seems more like selfish, hapless infatuation – and no, I am by no means saying this couldn’t apply to Yuno or some other mentionable characters as well – rather than admirable love.

      • Hawkward says:

        Whether or not he had true feelings for her, we’ll never know, but for the guy to be pretty much force himself as a human bullet shield at the last moments of his life. If he was a hipster looking for some ass, hipsters don’t take bullets for hoes. /strange logic
        In saying that, Minene seemed to be just flattered, and had a realisation of not knowing what she lost, until it stared her dead blank in the face when it was too late. It’s true that Nishijima served to amplify the character of Minene, though never the less, i saw his as the one person that could tear her from the loneliness she forced upon herself, created quite the mental barrier for relationships of any sort.
        Then begs the question, what of Minene’s character if Nishijima was never introduced? I think she’d be quite content in just blowing away everyone in her way, effectively making her just simply another diary holder.

    • Seven says:

      They did have one for Akise and he’s not a diary owner – thus I agree.

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