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Nisemonogatari Imouto Incest Foreplaying

Feb 25, 2012 @ 14:07 CDT

Nisemonogatari transitions into a new arc by going full imouto – sexual implications arise as our Arararagi-kun becomes quite close with his bigger of little sisters, and seemingly, mutual feelings begin to flourish.

Surely none could have thought the task of brushing teeth could ever have been so pseudo-erotically portrayed prior to Nisemonogatari deciding to take that challenge upon itself for the sake of otaku everywhere – and with the seasoned hands of SHAFT on the visuals, the result is something which truly needs to be seen to understand as the sheer greatness is above all words. However even viewing it for yourself, the brilliance is blinding – yet indeed is it mouthwatering for those who manage to make it fully through, and yes, one will never brush their teeth the same.

Having rescued his imouto, it appears that the latest addition to the Shuraragi-kun harem is said imouto. Whilst Arararagi studies, coming to his room is that very imouto – the little sister however has lost her usual fighting gear, instead now sporting a skirt sexily too small, and a blouse much the same in its all so fittingly unfitting nature.

Catching sight of his usually tomboyish little sister now wearing a skirt like a regular girl her age – he’s completely mortified, being turned into feverish panic as he asks the imouto, Karen, who is bullying her. However as he learns, no one’s forcibly brought her to dress in female clothing a size too small – rather, she decided to do so of her own will, and the reason for that is quite simply as it appears. We thought it wouldn’t have gone beyond a statement when it was said last episode – although now has it become apparent that indeed, the imouto actually likes her brother.

In fact, forgive us for the misinformation – she doesn’t like him, she loves him, literally clinging to him, masochistically enjoying having him step on her, and offering him her virginity which he foolishly denies, for now at least.

Yet whilst this all holds true, as Shurararagi mentions the name of his perverted female underclassman, “Kanbaru”, the imouto changes her objective, and after she does, we can assure you that indeed, intentions do change far more than a fair bit for both imouto and Arararagi. As to whether this is positive or negative turn however is for the individual to decide – though personally we quite enjoy the display of love, be it of merely no more than family relations, or passionate incest.

Arararagi refuses the colossal imouto’s request to be introduced to Kanbaru as Shuraragi already foresees the trouble in that – a sexual monster with tentacles for raping within the body of a highschool bishoujo meeting a violent weapon of mass destruction made into a little sister.

However, the imouto insists – and so Arararagi turns to the idea of a competition. One pantsu shot later, Shuraragi returns still equally as ambiguous as to what he has in mind – however soon one will see, thus worried you need not be. Upon his arrival back, one will see he’s wielding the imouto’s toothbrush – according to the great scientific philosopher Shuraragi-kun, people are apparently sensitive to being touched in certain areas, in case you’ve previously not known that.

Well, Arararagi goes further to inform the imouto as a form of warning that the mouth is one of those areas – if not even more susceptible to strange sensations then most, and thus, it begins. Arararagi makes the call that if his bigger of little sisters can withstand him brushing her teeth for five solid minutes, she wins – in turn being qualified for an introduction with Kanbaru, and if she fails, she simply receives nothing but humiliation.

Watching the “game” get underway however, one will first come to realize that perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it “sexual foreplay”, rather than a “game”. Secondly, the imouto actually reacts all according to Arararagi’s calculations – the tingling of the teeth brushing proving to be an affair all so stimulating, yet it is not merely Karen alone who feels the titillation. Watching his imouto twist around in heated spasms whilst moaning brings him to realize she may very well be the cutest girl in the world.

That’s quite a dangerous thought indeed, yet to start is easier than to stop – and there’s already too much kinetic energy going into simultaneously pleasuring and teasing his imouto to pause, meaning that before long, he finds himself trapped in the overwhelming sphere of imouto seduction. And as for the imouto, she’s already been within Araragi’s magnetic range for quite a while.

Now the two get incredibly close – Arararagi driven in the moment to even move his hand just above a place which would revolutionize their relationship as we know it. And making it all the more an incest worthy of being called “wincest”, Karen doesn’t appear to mind his approaching limb of touch either.

Unfortunately however, the damned littlest of little sisters walks in – bringing an abrupt halt to the wincest which was transpiring. She’s a hysterical lunatic who tries to calmly assess why her big brother is pushing his little sister into the bed whilst brushing her teeth – as all the while, his little sister is happily smiling as she’s being pushed into a bed by her big brother and wearing her little sister’s clothes. The littlest of imoutos then ultimately dashes off in search of an awl – a tool basically made to stab things with.

Whilst that’s certainly troubling and all, at least she’s run off – now allowing Karen and Arararagi to continue their wincest without interruption. It goes unknown if they carry on with tooth brushing – yet we do see the two embrace another as the episode ends with Shuraragi mentioning how after that morning, the two got along together a lot better from then on. Wildly does the imagination now spin with thought as to what they’ve done together – hopefully the Akihabara innovation machine has taken note of this episode for the benefit of mankind.

Shuraragi saved his little sister – inspiring her to fall in incestual love with him, and seemingly, it didn’t take much before he did the same. An episode of the wonderful reward which accompanies great risk – and without doubt, it was not merely our protagonist who profited.


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