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Symphogear – Abused Loli Turned Bishoujo

Feb 24, 2012 @ 23:07 CDT

Symphogear brought out the big guns, now it follows up on them with an episode of steady progression – Nehushtan shoujo, now known as “Chris”, gains her first friend, all the while, a friendship broken is mended again.

Miku reflects on her actions of last episode – explicitly having told Miku she no longer wants to be her friend, of course she was lying, and rather, she was worried. Elsewhere, another is considering their course as well – the Nehushtan shoujo has been promoted to the name “Chris”, and as we see, Chris is running through an alleyway, disposing of Noise which she may encounter, all whilst thinking back to her latest experience at the bitter end of betrayal. The result of that, aside from the emotional scars, is that now she’s alone with nowhere to go.

Incidentally, both Miku and Chris are troubled by somewhat similar feelings of dejection – and likewise, those emotions are agitated for both by their own ideals. Miku told off her friend in anger when in actuality she was simply concerned over her well-being – and as for Chris, she suffered far worse a fate, a more direct abandonment and torture, which in turn led her to feel highly distrusting of others. Not to mention, she occasionally turns over to a semi-sadistic mode – yet deep down, she’s truly an upstanding person, only lost in her way and uncertain of where to go.

The first step however is brought to her attention by our heroine’s companion – Miku ventured out and alone during the early hours of the day so as to ponder over what she’s done. Whilst walking around, she stumbled upon a Nehushtan shoujo laying scrawled and unconscious on the hard concrete of an alleyway. Miku takes in the Nehushtan shoujo – giving her a temporary fit of clothes which don’t particularly fit all so well, much to our pleasure, before aiding her in washing off as well.

Chris is a tsundere mix of embarrassed and baffled that someone is actually treating her so kindly, and so sincere as well – yet she ultimately goes along with it, asking Miku about her quiet demeanor. The two then go on to tell each other of their problems – Miku explaining her friendship issues, to which Chris responds with a rather harsh yet adorably stated solution, essentially saying that Miku should go beat up our heroine, Hibiki, and that by doing so and showing her who is stronger, all will be resolved.

Then Chris decides to share her own situation – she’s never had a single friend, nor is there any convenient clubs for people of her status within the world of Symphogear, thus she’s simply been alone her whole life. Yet not only that, her parents were murdered half a world away, she’s been abused at a young age, and betrayed again, and again – an entirely tragic life story, yet there’s no reason it should end that way. Miku offers to become Chris’ friend – though not a second later, Noise ravages the city from nowhere, causing an intercession of uproar.

Feeling responsible and mildly regaining her senses, Chris runs off to battle back against the Noise – yet she fails to initially get into her Symphogear, for a moment it seemed she was ready to breakdown emotionally, yet the ridiculously powerful pink tie wearing man came to her aide, defending her from oncoming Noise with little more than fancy bodily gestures. Whilst our interest is on this man, we have to admit we’ve been wondering since episode one why he tucks his tie into his front pocket – sadly however, we may never know.

Wanting to act independently, Chris dashes off exclaiming she can fight on her own – and with that, attention turns back to our heroine whose meager role this episode becomes less minuscule as she annihilates some Noise, then luckily comes across her friend in a random, corner cutting twist. From there, the two make up as they assist each other in lowering the volume of the Noise.

A friendship has been has been resuscitated for our heroine and her buddy – whilst for Chris, the Nehushtan shoujo with a name most typically given to an American male, she’s finally made her first of these so-called “friends”. Relatively straightforward an episode indeed – nothing’s changed aside from various relational statuses – which leads us to a noteworthy mention. Once the man with a pink tie saved Chris from oncoming assault, after she went off on her own, he mentions how he was unable to save her “again”.

Of course we’re now curious when was the first time that he failed to do such, what was it about, and how exactly these two know one another. Aside from that topic of wondering however, we can easily predict the rest. Chris will put her cuteness to use as she develops a good girl personality – likely from simultaneously coming to befriend our heroine and her friend.

And for those two in question, the yuri unit of Hibiki and Miku, they’re going to become closer than ever – inseparable even, or at least until Hibiki dies which honestly is the single moment we await the most, just as we have been since the start.


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