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With the events of Nisemonogatari’s last aired seventh episode, it looks as if the colossal imouto Karen-tan has become an onii-chan lover within these pre-release stills for the several day away eighth installment.

Karen no longer wears her black and yellow jacket, perhaps having retired it for good with the conclusion of the Bee arc, or maybe simply setting it aside for the time being – yet no matter, she’s clearly more loving of her “onii-chan” now, clinging to him tightly, literally. Meanwhile, Araragi has his usual serious face – of course a new mystery will start up within this coming episode, though whilst we’d like to say this is the visage of Araragi as he listens to a problem, he’s probably merely giving an attentive ear to one of his little sisters as they playfully insult him.

And finally, the littler of the little sisters, Tsukihi, looks to be up to her usual obsessive compulsive hair styling antics – wanting to look extra moe as the next arc will inevitably focus on her.


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