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Moe Korezom S2 Ep 1-6 Pre-Release Images

Feb 24, 2012 @ 14:59 CDT

Capitalizing on the pre-release screencaps for episode one, otaku can now enjoy images taken from the first six of Kore wa Zombie’s coming second season – giving a sampling of the mahou shoujos and imoutos.

Whilst these are merely images without a script of definitive context at this point – perhaps that is for the best as if we knew the story behind the blushing imoutos, the voluminous chested bishoujos, the bathing, the cosplaying, and the crossdressing, we’d not be nearly as entertained as we are abhorred by the plot. Unfortunately however, we do know the story behind that last one – and this series isn’t an abstract wildcard like Nisemonogatari, thus the stills are really just as you see, straightforward, and without much elaborate detail them.

For example, the adorable imouto above can be seen to have a fever below – it’s not much of a guess, rather, it’s obvious. However, one does have to admit they’re curious as to why our hero is in his underwear. As for the miscellaneous nonsense such as the game shows, animals, and pop idol singing one will come across if scrolling thoroughly through the imagery, these are all mainly gags – and so logical reasoning is absent behind their purpose.

Trying to judge this preview material with proper thought won’t be very effective – yet at least one can see clearly however that the series hasn’t lost its touch, sustaining all which its fans appreciated from season one, and building upon them. Similarly, if you disliked Kore wa Zombie for all this, you’re sure to passionately hate its second season as well.

As anticipated, it is solely the imouto who makes this series seem worth a watch:


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