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An anime of sex for power, Guilty Crown, returns inciting tears in its viewers – not out of touching story or happiness, but rather tragedy, not in story however, yet tragedy in that the anime is just that bad.

Nobody really cares about whether or not an anime has rehashed elements in it. They just don’t, because that’s not what matters to them. Never has, never will – and that’s really great in the case of Guilty Crown as it boasts a river full of them.

Yet moving along, what is important to them you might ask? Fair question, and one that can be summed up with a simple, one-word answer: Execution.

Really, we mean it. It’s all about how you come across to people and connect with them in a way that doesn’t have them feeling utterly bored or downright betrayed (Here’s looking at you, Zexcs). Take an unbelievably generic anime with virtually nothing unique to its name, put it in the hands of the right person(s) (Here’s looking at you, White Fox), and I will almost guarantee you to a spellbinding experience that will keep you glued to your seat from beginning to end.

By stark contrast however, you’ve the anime that tries so hard to be something fresh and new that the execution is near dead in the water from the get-go. And so we come to Guilty Crown, whose latest episode has us asking… why?

The latest trend in a downwards spiral of self-deriding disappointment and naivety finds our now one-armed protagonist screaming in pain, while Gai – whom we can only presume to be some brainwashed puppet of the uninteresting puppet masters, whose goals are… what again? – sports his new white-haired arrogance and Void powers by shooting down an attacking fighter plane with a freakin’ missile. Never been one for subtlety, has he?

Naturally Arisa – you remember, that long-haired chick who sold her once virgin body to some loser for some info – is all over Gai, ready to jump him at the slightest incentive. Does he seem to give even the slightest crap about her in response? …I don’t really need to say it, do I?

On to larger matters however, when last we left Japan it was in quite dire straits, the rest of the world ready to lay the literal smack-down on our favorite country and wipe it from the face of the Earth. But wherever will we get our anime and manga fix if that happens!?

Ah, not to worry though. Gai, in his newly and self-proclaimed position as King, lays down the law with world leaders far and wide by telling them not to interfere with him. And they… obey him like good subjects should? We’ll touch more on that later.

But onto our fav… er, well, Crown’s premiere couple, Shu and Inori. Still in shock over losing his arm, Shu is basically a hapless rag doll with his pink-haired reincarnate sister tending to his every need, even if he doesn’t want it. And Inori, realizing herself little to no match for the ghostly Mana’s incessant brocon infatuation, can only wait in horror as she’s being taken over little by little.

Before that can happen though, she sacrifices herself to Gai’s awaiting grasp so that Shu – who they weren’t after anyway – can escape. And so after a not so horrific crystal-endowed transformation that Inori can magically control on the very first try, she’s naturally captured after only a single blow from Gai. Now sure, she could’ve tried to put up an actual fight against her former comrade, but such an engaging encounter is best left for Shu who, in the quickest self-rehabilitation we’ve ever seen, is once again sporting a look of determination on his face, ready to bring it on to his former friend.

End story, and it really is the end to all things Guilty Crown, like it or hate it. Anyone who’s been watching up ’till now has a general grasp of where things are going and how it will end.

But, again we can’t help but ask the question… why? Crown has placed so much obvious effort to try and differentiate itself as an anime that it has unintentionally isolated itself from the very viewers it should be trying to appeal to, instead relying on its animation and supposed momentum to carry itself through.

And so we come full circle to once more emphasize that near all-important element in anime: Execution. You can’t win people over without it, period – a lesson that one of the finer anime this season most gratefully understands.


  • Seven says:

    I don’t even understand how Production IG is keeping this up – does their studio not reek like that wretched scent prevalent in the OVA entitled Gyo? Is their office not vilely polluted with vomit from staff members by now who are regurgitating as this series is simply all so gag-inducingly awful to create and call your own?

    My words are harsh though I stand against them.

    • Anonymous says:

      And yet your words are quite warranted; and for Production IG, well deserved. They need only look at what they’ve been capable of before, and wonder what on earth happened to them.
      A travesty indeed.
      I assume only now will they attempt to salvage whatever miniscule plot devices are left, and go with the typical generic ending we’re all expecting. I can only hope that it will improve from here, since it fell to such an astronomical low last episode.

      • Seven says:

        Yeah, that’s basically it. Though at this point, no matter how much it may improve, assuming it actually did, it would still be terribad – redemption is far lost.

  • crzykido says:

    why do some many people hate on guilty crown???????

    • Seven says:

      I believe it would be fair to say that the answer is because Guilty Crown “sucks” – yet even that term would be an understatement in describing how this bad this show truly is.

    • I can’t speak for others, but I don’t hate Guilty Crown at all.

      As I’ve mentioned before, my feelings towards it are indifferent, neither loving or hating it. That having been said however, I certainly don’t think Crown is a good anime and I wanted to have some fun reviewing in a manner reflective of that.

    • Anonymous says:

      People hate on it because it’s an uber train-wreck of a show with a badly paced and written plot and underdeveloped, confusing characters that has been so bad for so long, nothing could probably redeem it.

      But with that being said, I don’t think that this was that bad of an episode, or at least is wasn’t with the record of bad episodes this show holds.

    • I don’t know I do like guilty crown it rocks. I just wonder why they hate it so much while i love it i just wonder if its gonna come on dvd.

      • Seven says:

        “I just wonder why they hate it”

        Forgive the excess sarcasm, though I can’t help it – this might sound crazy but the article has something called “words” – and “words” contain “information”.

        If you personally happen to like Guilty Crown, that’s certainly fine – though it’s already been extensively covered as to why many people “hate it so much”.

  • crzykido says:


    • Anonymous says:

      This was the show supposedly backed by a studio with a deceent reputation and a large budget, amazing character concept design and music. However, the writing and execution of this story (as stated by Seven) has been terribly sub-par compared to similarly funded / supported series in the past. It has been a distinct disappointment to many anime fans who have seen what Production IG is capable of, and yet the sales from GC will dictate that this is a financial success.
      Simply put, this sets a precedent for big-budget anime that is “pretty and mediocre” instead of well-conceptualized and well-executed, and hence less fulfilling. I won’t get into specifics about individual characters or plot points, because everyone will have an opinion.
      As for my own opinion, GC has is the equivalent of a roller coaster ride which makes me nauseous the majority of the time. There is exictement to be had, true, but most of the time, the lows this series sinks to makes me sick. I am still watching simply because I want to know what the end of the ride is like.

      • Seven says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself – though note this specific review was by Ryan Ashlight.

        Yet my thoughts have been much the same, albeit a bit more cruel and unforgiving – I’ve mentioned this in the past, and regardless of how many times I say it, I still feel just plain shocked. Production IG, Ghost In The Shell, globally recognized animation, now reduced to stuff like Guilty Crown. I can understand how and why they might have fallen – yet that doesn’t make it any less stunning, in a bad way.

  • Anonymous says:

    Still, BD sales are going well. GC has sold x7 more than Chihayafuru-

    • skylion says:

      Now that is the true nausea inducer right there.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s the tragedy: GC’s a financial success (as I mentioned previously) and yet something really good like Chihayafuru doesn’t sell?
      It’s depressing that the general consensus is to reward mediocrity like that.

      • Seven says:

        Guilty Crown was nearly selling as much as Haganai, I was appalled by the sight of that.

        • Remembering the article you wrote about how expensive GC’s Blu-rays were, is it possible GC might have actually outsold Haganai when you crunch the numbers together?

          • Seven says:

            Actually, the price has dropped since then – now the limited edition volume releases of Guilty Crown sell for less than the regular edition of Haganai, Blu-ray or DVD.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you don’t like Guilty Crown why are you still watching it?

    • Seven says:

      Several users have listed their reasons for that.

      As for myself, I merely hope to see how it ends – having watched far past the half-way point in hopes it would eventually get good, which it hasn’t, might as well finish it at this point lest my wasted time goes without a proper end.

  • frost says:

    Traitors dead = check :)

    Inori showing some form of emotions = check :)

    Inori having mana’s powers = wait what ?

    Shu all alone with the only person that cared for him gone = check :(

    Do I like this show = not sure if I like it but I’ll keep on going

  • Anonymous says:

    It seems to me that that quite of few people watching anime these days simply want series they don’t like or enjoy watching to fail, and miserably…. I laugh every time I read this comments… For absolutely hating Guilty Crown, the would-be critics know more of the plot points than I do, and I actually watch the show because I like it.
    Ya. I said it. That doesn’t make me an idiot, simple-minded asshole, or a moron.

    • Seven says:

      “That doesn’t make me an idiot, simple-minded asshole, or a moron.”

      Who said it would?

      “the would-be critics know more of the plot points than I do”

      The “would-be critics” use the messy attempt at plot within Guilty Crown against itself to describe how poor it is – otherwise, if they only described how much of a failure series it is, without describing the plot, people would complain how they have no evidence. Though it seems even with evidence, people complain regardless.

      Guilty Crown is a series plagued with issues which all go accounted for within Ryan’s review – if you still like it despite this, more power to you.

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