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It has come to the attention of otaku that the many heroines of the ongoing winter 2011 – 2012 anime season happen to possess all seven of the so-called “deadly sins” – even our adorable Misaki Moe-chan.

Aquarion EVOL’s imouto fetish character Mikono is guilty of “luxuria”, or in other words, the sin of lust – a trait she clearly shows whenever her beloved Amata-kun begins floating around. The confident Marika of Moretsu Pirates is condemnable with “avaritia” – a sin of excess or avarice, seeking out far more when one is already well off, i.e. greed. Our immensely delectable loli character of InuBoku is unfortunately an iniquitous sinner as well – and admittedly, her sin is quite apparent, “superbia”, a haughty sense of pride.

Whilst we love her, we cannot deny Another’s stunningly gorgeous Misaki Mei is somewhat more blatantly guilty of her vice than most – compare for example, InuBoku’s loli who simply is at fault when acting under a facade of arrogance. Misaki’s sin is “acadia”, a lack of concern for the world and her position within it – something which has been seen on occasion, though in all fairness, perception is not reality, and who knows what she truly believes inside.

Inelegant leading child of remedial mech action series Rinne no Langrange, Madoka, is definitely guilty of her sin – “ira”, which revolves around violence, vengeance, hate, and spite. Ano Natsu’s oppai service character Ichika is quite undeniable of her sin as well – “invidia”, or jealously. And finally, the sin of the half-baked heroine from below-average shounen series, Brave 10, is perhaps the most obvious of them all – “gula”, or gluttony. She eats enough to empty a market stall, if not the entire market, and that’s frankly not attractive – thus we’re pleased to see it is sinful.

Interestingly, notice how the poorer the quality of the series they originate from, the more evident their sin is – whereas those heroines of more higher caliber series are simply accusable by some sort of technicality or assumption.


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