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Akihabara is looking more like a red light district for the second dimension as illustrated females of upcoming eroge Grisaia no Meikyuu advertise their voluptuously fictitious bodies in an attempt to score customers.

“Le Labyrinthe De La Grisaia”, as it is also known, approaches with a release date of February the 24th – and thus, shops within Akiba have begun showing off the gratuitous gifts given to those who purchase the series under the specified conditions by said shops. Various artcards, dakimakura, posters, and more, all make a show of Grisaia no Meikyuu’s varied female cast members – however unfortunately, the sweeter areas go censored under the pretense of convenience.

Grisaia no Meikyuu has been generating much interest outside of Akihabara shops as well as the game itself has sparked the attention of many. The synopsis is unusual as it flows more like a diary:

The things will be really fine in this way?
This was the question that repeated itself more and more times in the boy who lived his days weighing carefully every second and minute of the day.
It was as if the girls he had met in the quiet days, he felt as if were crimes, tormented the soul of the boy to make him seeing how he was in the past.
In occasion of the interference of the boy, the grey orchard of the girls has began once again to change in color.
To come into possession of the eternity isn’t possible.
But will I be able to stay without setting free that hand I had seized?
That was the decision that the boy hid in his heart.

And admittedly, stills from the game show that it does look quite incredible – female figures involved or not. Yet as one will also see from the many released official artworks and magazine propaganda pages, the girls are definitely by far the ultimate shining factor – arriving in such diversity from loli to bishoujo, stockings, seifuku, and more, they don’t simply satisfy many tastes, but entice a single individual to the brink of flavor.

With only a several day wait till launch, one has to be left quite eager for the impending moment when these lolis and bishoujos can be seen bare-skinned, free of obstruction, and ready to fulfill their destiny as ero-game heroines.

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