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Ro-Kyu-Bu! Loli Breasts Made Bigger

Feb 18, 2012 @ 3:03 CDT

Still thriving after its animated conclusion, 10th light novel volume of pseudo-basketball loli service series Ro-Kyu-Bu! has been released – showcasing the enormous elementary schooler breasts it’s renowned for.

Adhering to the order of unoriginal moe infested otaku world, this light novel of Ro-Kyu-Bu! truly is light in story – very much so in fact that the story is almost nonexistent. However in respect to other facets, such as oppai, pantsu, lolis, and imagery, the light novel is certainly not lacking at all – actually coming with a surplus in, if anything, and catering to all aspects of lolicon, and then some.

The series has enough elementary schooler oppai to fill a light novel, and then still manage to output an entirely oppai dependent marketing poster which looks as if it could be used to either sell a Blu-ray, or encourage those with abnormally sized breasts to seek medical assistance.

And on another note, at this point we’re quite positive that this girl’s chest grows every time we see her.


  • A minor observation on my part, but wouldn’t you say something’s gone a tad out of place when a loli’s breasts swell to near the size of her head, arguably beyond even?

    • Seven says:

      She’s only a loli by grade level at this point.

      • Shouldn’t we hold a loli to a higher standard than being in a certain grade level or other such rudimentary things?

        IMHO, when you’ve a chest that outsizes most of your adult-level senapsi, you’re no longer deserving of being called such. You’re a poster board for attracting any and all attention that you can, near completely deprived of any sense of style or grace that meets the standard of loli that I know and adore.

        • Seven says:

          There’s always going to be bad apples in a bunch, you can’t redefine something to fit perfection – rather you can describe it as perfected if it is indeed so.

          • I’m not saying we should redefine a loli to the point of perfection – if that were even possible – but by that same token, we shouldn’t broaden and/or loosen our expectations of it so much that we begin to lose perspective, hence the need for standards.

            In this case, we’ve one whose height and overwhelming chest size come at severe opposition to the general consensus of loli as we know it. All I’m saying here is that we shouldn’t rush to define one as a loli without a fair amount of debate behind us first.

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