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Moretsu Pirates – Loli Princess Intruder

Feb 18, 2012 @ 21:10 CST

Schoolgirl space pirate series Moretsu Pirates is yet again flawlessly true to its name – showing a day in the life of our heroine as she gradually becomes ever more accustomed to plundering booty in outer space.

Not wasting a millisecond, immediately after the opening sequence, the series explodes into a scene of our protagonist Marika as she’s in the midst of a mission which seemingly goes from a menial task of standard procedure to a complete crisis scenario. As she reaches the brink of danger, finding herself surrounded by a vast swarm of enemy ships, she then awakens within an empty classroom yelling – realizing it to have been no more than a dream.

This acts well to introduce us to a topic which will likely be following our heroine for a while – her grades are dropping, she’s begun sleeping in class, and she’s often late. Upon becoming a pirate ship captain, she’s started feeling the strain in her schoolwork. Yet when confronted about this by her pirate teachers, Marika assertively insists that she will try harder – interrupting a suggestion that she drop out of school, with a response making clear her unwavering intent to be both a pirate captain, as well as a highschool graduate.

And with that decided, the day carries on – Marika thinking she’d be free for the rest of the it, only to then be suddenly called whilst she was at her part-time job of maid waitress, rupturing her moment of relaxation with a not so promising work schedule. She’s constantly made busy by her pirating, which she enjoys, yet rarely does it leave her with a second to study as she desires.

No matter, the amusing preparations for our attractive bishoujo pirate begin – hurriedly getting into her piratical ensemble, then shuffling over to the bridge in a rushed demeanor. The pirating job gets underway – and surely one must have noticed by now, yet it appears that pirating in the times of Moretsu Pirates is not exactly all entertainment, however a significant slab of it is nothing more than putting on a very realistic show for an audience of individuals excited about being extorted for their prized goods.

In fact, the pirating of Moretsu Pirates is more akin to putting on a street-show and having coins tossed your way rather than extortion as no one has been forced to do anything – yet it differs in that if no one were to toss a nickel of their own will, or the performance is threatened, then a raging assault ensues between the relevant parties until one either defeats the other, or succumbs to their demands. A sort of gentleman’s form of pirating which crosses over to the traditional techniques if needed.

Marika however makes it through without needing to resort to any drastic measures – first giving their “client” a sampling of combat in space, then raiding their ship. That all goes flawless and without fail – though peculiarly, prior to boarding the client ship, the guard ships surrounding it, who should have merely surrendered early on, were acting strange. They refused to surrender, and kept restructuring their attack on Marika’s ship of the Bentenmaru for a fair period of time, all until finally giving in.

One then learns what the reason for that could have been as we learn a stowaway made it onto the Betenmaru during the pirating mission – as details of the intruder unfold, we learn they’re no more than a kid, and they won’t speak with anyone aside from the captain, our enthusiastic schoolgirl Marika. The oddities of earlier could have been somehow related to this chibi invader.

Ending there, it’s a conclusion of suspense – and past the ED, into the next episode preview, we’re only made even more curious as to what will go on in the next installment as it seems the stowaway was a loli princess. There’s not much else to be said as this series as it truly is quite straightforward – though if looking for items to ponder over, the question of “will Marika be able to graduate from highschool?” is certainly a good one, as is essentially anything in respect to the strange princess who the preview shows will join Marika’s class.

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