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As Yuru Yuri’s final Blu-ray volume has become available – episodes 11 and 12 are compared between televised versus BD, and going the extra mile, real-world counterparts of items were identified as well.

Aligned side-by-side, otaku can thoroughly examine their yuri viewing material for alterations and improvement between the lowly TV release against the HD champ of optical media, Blu-ray. As usual, most of the differences are related to color correction or minor artwork touch ups – thus making it a bit more interesting, items spotted within scenes of these two episodes of Yuru Yuri were matched with their 3-D equivalents, impressively going to show how much work went into sketching the series as the items are shockingly accurate.

This certainly also gives an idea of how much consideration and reference material went into the series for even the smallest of details. As expected of Yuru Yuri, the yuri service it provides is nothing less than top quality.


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