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Papakiki Wet & Sleepy Loli Harem

Feb 14, 2012 @ 18:48 CDT

A series of tsundere satisfaction, Papakiki returns with the expected round of cute lolis – yet this episode serves mainly as a relational bridge for several characters, as well as a foreshadow of danger to come.

In a manner most impressive, although this episode starts off with our male protagonist Yuuta and his loli niece in a bathtub as he bathes her, nothing illicit or even mildly erotic ensues in the least – stranding the manga to be a work of failure all on its own as once again, the anime asserts it shall not fall to that same pathetic level of desperate begging for attention.

As Yuuta finishes washing up Hina, the youngest of the three daughters who’ve entrusted themselves to him with the passing of their parents, the middle daughter is seen making some scribbles of what looks to be herself in various attire, and shortly thereafter, asks Yuuta to take her, as well as her sisters, back to their previous home to recover some “important” items. While her request is a little uneasing as that home is now anything but their own, Yuuta agrees to go.

An adventure is grand, however an aspect bothering us is that we’re concerned whether our hero would come across anything unfavorable during the journey which may interrupt or endanger his harem of lolis – though this proves to be a fruitless worry as nothing of the sort comes to pass thankfully, at least not in this episode.

During the wait for the train to arrive, Yuuta receives a call from his fat lolicon friend who now learns of the existence of Hina as well – sketching her out with incredible accuracy just as he did with Miu. And as Yuuta refuses to chat with the creep any longer, the pedophile turns to Yuuta’s womanizing friend who actually recognizes the situation like a true mature adult – holding him captive for answers. Of course this is an anime and whatnot, though to see someone act so excitedly in all the wrong ways over a three year old remains absolutely disgusting.

That slimy otaku’s very presence is quite repulsive as we’re sure if anything is to bring this series down from the touching tale it currently is, it definitely will be him and his bishoujo friend Oda Raika who, as a side-note, we’re unsure of why she spends time with such a lewd individual. Yet no matter, having seen her stint in Papakiki’s manga, we truly hope to not see even a second more of Oda Raika as she’s without a doubt to drag the series down as well – making it no more than a fanservice festival, though sadly, she will soon come.

Sparring the speculation for now, upon arriving back to the city of the girls’ former home, we realize this episode’s focus is on the current bond between the characters – or rather, their state of mind after having settled down. As if inexplicitly yet specifically set up to allow us to compare how the girls, as well as our leading male, act now to how they did prior. This becomes easy to see as the girls head off with friends upon their return home – of course having quite a bit to explain to them.

It’s also quite prominent a facet when scenes show the characters reminiscing on our hero’s sister and her husband.

Once everyone finally makes it home, the two elder lolis, the attractive 10 year old and tsundere, head upstairs to pack up items of importance, strictly forbidding our hero to go upstairs and offer any assistance. Not too difficult is to to presume what they’re packing are personal items, and seeing as females are quite sensitive to such things, it makes sense why they deny his access or assistance.

Yet the tsundere ultimately brings about her worst nightmare on her own – she tries to haul a colossal bag down the stairs, something which obviously will not work. As Yuuta offers a helping hand, she doesn’t take it – and giving her a suggestion to not pack everything in a single bag, she insists on it. Then not a second later, she comes tumbling down the stairs, landing atop her beloved Yuuta – and Yuuta, now laying with a tsundere on him, surrounded by her feminine clothes.

As luck have it, Sora’s favorite pantsu managed to land right into Yuuta’s hand – making for a quick moment of comic relief, as well as serving as a chance to appreciate the sight of Sora’s favorite underwear, which look to be striped.

The 10 year old is given no defining moment this installment – yet as for Hina, after finding her precious stuffed animal gifted to her by her deceased mother, she spends the remainder of the free time playing with Yuuta. Whilst she’s young and seemingly full of gibberish as expected of any child her age, three years old, she does appear to somewhat comprehend that her parents are “far away”, or gone. This episode actually significantly focuses on Hina – showing basically that she’s doing well.

Once night fades in, a scene of moe is provided before the episode’s end. As the girls couldn’t sleep, they head to join our hero who also had trouble sleeping – and quickly, he’s being cuddled by lolis in all directions, a fresh day begins, and another episode do we await.

Watching past the end sequence to the next episode preview, our fears grow as the two most undesirable make an appearance, the hefty lolicon, and Oda Raika – yet what’s worse is that it is verbally announced that Raika will be coming to our hero’s home, and the horrors she will bring are shown as well. Her breasts are seen partially visible as she bathes – and we’re left to simply feel gravely distressed by this series’ health.


  • skylion says:

    This show, along with Usagi Drop, has created a new type of fanservice. The Dawwwww-service. A simple recipe of adding adorable children to any scene and have them act like children (well, the adorable parts anyway).

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