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Available now is the first, and possibly only PV we’re going to see, of upcoming OVA “Queen’s Blade Rebellion” – and true to the series it sprouts from, it looks to be packing enormous oppai amongst lethal action.

It’s difficult to come to a consesus on what to think of this preview clip – the music is fair, and the leading female looks quite serious, though then breasts are emphasized, and you become quite certain what this OVA will entitle. The synopsis of tragedy to come is below for those interested, as is the PV:

After the 30th Queen’s Blade, Claudette becomes the queen. At first, she governs the country well by abolishing the heavy taxes and the aristocracy. However, her reign turns into terrorism by power and the Queen’s Blade is repealed. The Princess Knight of Rebellion, Annelotte organizes a rebel army and declares war against Claudette.

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