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Latest episode of InuBoku SS brings a complication to the life of the series’ loli heroine – being a little girl in appearance, she of course attracts plenty of unwanted attention, and this goes into effect here.

Our loli wants to “reciprocate” the respectful attention she’s been receiving from her self-appointed slave – this is an aspectwhich dwells in her mind for a good while, following her to no avail until the following day where, thanks to a suggestion from her brotherly childhood friend, she learns the way which is best for her. Her “Onii-sama” mentioned she used to write many letters in the past – all of which were not only well-written, yet apt in their honesty and polite tone as well, something critical for our sharp tongued tsundere of a loli.

Being a tsundere, our loli is quick to verbally shoot down the idea and attribute it to nothing more than merely a hobby she employed to practice her handwriting – though in her mind, as she of course doesn’t lie to herself, she realizes this is indeed the ideal method to express her gratitude to her demonic dog-like servant for being considerate of her as a person, heading home quickly to start writing.

At home, her adorable personality begins to show at twice the moe – true to her ever-cute thoughtfulness, she contemplates which of the two styles of stationary she has in possession would be more appropriate for her purpose. And after much pondering, she ultimately concludes that neither is best suited for what she desires – prompting her to head out alone in order to purchase a new pack of fancy paper.

This however is not as simple as it sounds for two reasons – the first being that one will hear it mentioned that half-demon creatures like our loli are simply not safe whilst outside at night, secondly, as if it’s not already quite dangerous for a loli to be alone, let alone at past her bedtime, she’s been receiving frequent creepy text messages from an unknown sender. Initially these appeared as no more than nonsense from an experienced lolicon stalker – however as she heads home, it becomes obvious this stalker of hers is close by, and with some ideas in mind.

As our loli was passing through a park, she received a message taunting her so – and only seconds later, she’s approached. First it is only a drunken man for sake of easing the mood – as he got near our loli, her dog manifested from thin air and saved her from whatever harm an intoxicated Japanese man can pose. Afterward however, the actual threat arrives – a masked individual who was sending our loli gross messages. However, after but a single blocked attack – it proves this fellow is no more than another acquaintance of the demonic realm.

Everyone heads home, and there we learn that this outspoken inconvenience of a character has some unusual sexual fetishes – however aside from that, he’s also the former master of our loli’s agent, as well the current master of the pink haired bishoujo Karuta, and finally, the “fiancé” of our loli. Whilst this distasteful character tours everyone around the complex, labeling other and inanimate objects alike as sadistic or masochistic, our loli reminiscences how she did enjoy receiving letters from this creep many years ago in her childhood.

Yet ultimately, this amounts to a memory gone by – perhaps our loli did like this nutcase in the past, however now her heart is clearly beating at the whim of her admiration for her dog. The episode hasn’t much punch in terms of plot development – though it does raise more points to be curious about, particularly in regards to the characters, both new and old, and not to mention, it was quite amusing to see everything labeled as two letters with some questionable meanings.


  • skylion says:

    All of the S&M implications alone are enough to give me a heart attack. But Karuta in meido, munching on donuts (essentially). Hnnnnngggg was pretty much invented for that.
    But then, the show trips me up even more. Our little tanuki? An M? Before I could become flush with all the possibilities, this nutbag of a guest storms off on his labeling spree. But the idea of domination is still in mind. Oh, my little tanuki. Yeah, I’m complex.

    • Seven says:

      I can’t say I share your fondness of raccoons, although I do find Karuta in maid outfit quite worthy of “Hnnnnngggg” and all it entitles.

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s tanuki! Fine, don’t share. More for me.

  • Seven says:

    Production team labelled as “M” or “S”:

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