An elemental workshop.

Aquarion EVOL’s purely amusing circus-like spectacles continue to unfold – the girl is saved, a heroic fellow takes an unnecessary risk at the expense of his own, and oppai are again emphasized in a manner magnificent.

The heroine with low self-esteem, Mikono, was about to be abducted as we last saw – and for a moment, it appeared as though our hero was actually going to allow the perpetrator to escape without so much as a fight. Yet he proves us wrong, making clear his discontent nature through retaliation – yet he’s unable to overpower his opposition. However, Amata then pulls off another unexpected maneuver – seeing as he can’t physically defeat this individual who arrived to steal his love away, he instead takes her and boldly dives right off the building.

Whilst one may first for a second think this is a reckless act, the hypothetical ace under his sleeve is that he’s able to fly – unleashing his elemental ability, and gliding off with Mikono in his arms.

Meanwhile, the others of his party are called back in preparation of a battle – as Cayenne is called to return to the academy, blonde haired sickly bishounen Shrade however is not, insisting the fujoshi leave with Cayenne, and to Cayenne, he promises he shall take care of the issue troubling his friend, the safety of his imouto and our heroine Mikono. Indeed is it only a short while afterward until Shrade makes his valiant debut in battle. In fact, this episode focuses more so around Shrade than anything else.

Borrowing a violin from the civilian one may recall from the episode before, Shrade stirs up some trouble for the one seeking to harm his friends – however the enemy dashes off being dealt any sort of significant damage. And seemingly as per a death wish, Shrade is not simply willing, but earnestly desires to pilot Aquarion, even though well knowing that he will die as he’s literally too powerful for his own good and that engaging with Aquarion will exhaust his lifespan – doing all this simply for “defeating” the invading entity, or rather, he just wants to pilot Aquarion that bad.

Being straightforward in response to this outbreak of events, we do find the character of Shrade to be quite admirable as he’s afflicted with sorrow, yet sustains it like one enduring a searing pain – keeping up an attitude of class and respect instead. However, this was honestly a downright poorly implemented death – it was almost as if Shrade simply wanted to die for the sake of it, a creative suicide if nothing else. The enemy is obviously not even getting started with serious assaults, and the other elements didn’t even try putting up a legitimate fight.

Making it even more deplorable a twist is despite how all so easily avoidable Shrade’s self-inflicted annihilation was, the series is attempting to play it off as if it were a fabulous showing of true heroism – when in actuality, the story has hardly gotten started in respect to the antagonists. If we were in the final stretch of the series and Shrade risked his own life in order to rescue that of his friends on the edge of some absolute downpour of calamity to otherwise occur, or a complete lack of alternative hope, then we would have found it epic.

Yet this as is was no more than the equivalent of getting 10 men to change a light bulb whilst only one of them actually does it and the other nine merely stand and applaud – a performance made needlessly dramatic. As result, this episode as a whole felt quite pointless as even the other facets of the fable, those regarding Mikono and her relationship to strange men, are ones which Mikono herself doesn’t even know.

Topping off how terribly done this all was, the opposition ultimately escapes in the end – making Shrade’s death even more meaningless than it already was. Perhaps this entire episode was merely an excuse to get Zessica’s oppai more exposure under the pretense of a “melodic union”.

Aquarion EVOL was doing well, yet this was quite a plummet which will take a lot to recover.


  • Seven says:

    Overly exuberant bishounen mecha attack:

    • -Facepalm-

      …Alright, let’s be painfully clear about this. Trying to pull off a sparkly, spectacular bishounen NOT EVEN a year after Star Driver concluded – which, by the way has a movie slated for release – is in such poor taste that I can only say…

      …Really, Satelight people? >____>

  • frost says:

    Amata steals his love and jumps off a building. I was surprised when that happened, I thought the red haired guy was going to take her and than the next 20 episodes would involve getting her back. But by the end she would fall for him anyway, making the rescue pointless.

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