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To not much shock or surprise, another has died within another episode of Another – yet this death is followed by resolve and relief, two aspects which up to now, have been missing in any other affair of the series.

While she seemed to be a nice character, this did not exempt the nurse from an vicious death within the last episode of Another as result of an “abnormal accident”. With this episode’s start, we’re now taken along to the events directly thereafter – everyone appears mainly intent on moving on. They’re of course upset – yet class three is stricken first and foremost by fear of a presumed curse, and a death which although could be called superstitious, has already come around three times too many after our hero arrived.

Even with the situation escalating however, everyone remains hesitant of explaining anything to our still ignorant of the matter main character – who in turn, decides to further investigate on his own, just as he’s been doing for quite a while already.

He finds in a yearbook for the graduating class of ’72, a photo containing his mother – the librarian then approaches our hero, asking of her, and mentioning her death. It’s quite apparent that the aged librarian pieced together something in regards to the death of Sakakibara’s mother – however he shares it not with our main character, nor does Sakakibara even bother asking as its unlikely he’d receive a proper response.

Bringing an end to his exploration for answers, the twintailed tsundere comes to inform Sakakibara that he’s wanted within a staff room – a scene which proves insignificant for the most part, yet of importance is what we’re shown before and after he headed out to said room. The tsundere forewarned him that what shall happen to him soon is for their own good and she apologizes in advance – now afterwards, upon his return to class, everyone has vanished. They’ve not necessarily been spirited away by demons or the likes, rather, they simply abandoned him.

As the classroom is empty, the teacher passes by merely to tell Sakakibara that he’s dismissed, and that the other students went to discuss a matter unknown after electing the tsundere as the new class representative. Seeing the room lifeless with the exclusion of himself, in essence, this is hinting at what comes next for our hero – a world of seclusion.

He asks to walk home with a pair of classmates of his, who although shaky, agree and so they speak on the way home. One of them states they feel bad for what’s to occur to our hero, yet the other actually demonstrates himself to be quite courageous at the cost of his life.

Sakakibara, knowing he’s soon to be left in an undesirable situation, asked for a single favor – a copy of the class roster. At this point, one of his classmates simply cannot contain himself – he’s entirely against the method of handling things proposed by the new class rep, the tsundere, and insists our hero is free to ask away any question.

We do admire this fellow’s righteous stance – yet it ultimately was not in his best interest. As our hero asks as to whether Misaki Mei exists, the classmate has a sudden heart attack – dying on the spot.

This marks the start of both comfort and confusion – following the latest death to occur, one will have no trouble coming to realize that everyone is now ignoring our hero, treating him entirely as if he didn’t exist, and leading us to believe this is what Misaki was subjected to. Sure enough, our hero receives the class roster he asked for a day ago, alongside a note out of sympathy telling him to seek answers from Misaki Mei.

Thus our hero heads to “Studio M”, the place where the lovely Misaki can seemingly always be found – and just as we’ve more or less solved the entirety of the mystery regarding Misaki, as has our main character. A reason Misaki’s not a customer of store yet spotted there so often is that she lives there. The creepy caretaker of the doll museum, or “Studio M”, is Misaki’s mother – and the “M” in the name means “Misaki”. Misaki was, of course, simply victim to the same as our main character – or rather, he became the same as her.

We greatly enjoy this turn of events as indeed as our hero shows himself to be quite competent a main character – particularly in the way he verbally illustrated all of this, showing that he’s been deep in thought more than the series explicitly shows.

Yet even better, instead of worrying over people who couldn’t care less about him, he’s satisfied much more with being disregarded as a living being and knowing Misaki is real and alive – something which noticeably leaves him a lot closer with Misaki, who even smiles slightly, perhaps at knowing that now as she’s no longer alone. Our main character hasn’t been left to a dark life either – he’s with Misaki, and this he cares about quite more than most else.

Misaki shows him to her room – and whilst she hates questioning, she makes a special exception allowing our hero to ask anything on his mind. Misaki in turn reveals much of the story to us – 26 years ago, Misaki of class three passed away. This we know, yet she adds to the story in that ever since, every month thereafter did a student die. A few of us may recall the “every month” bit being mentioned by the tsundere or another classmate of our Sakakibara-kun, yet why exactly do they die?

No one knows. However, it happens solely after a new student enters the class. According to Misaki, there is a phenomena in that for some reason, the class grows – yet no one knows who, how, or why. They just come to see one day that they’re short a desk and a chair – checking the roster leads to no avail either, nor does anything have anything in mind. It’s as if all has been altered to cater to the inclusion of a new student. This “student” however, as Misaki believes, is of the dead.

As students of class three passed away over the years, they keep re-enrolling once again into the class – however, they themselves do not recognize or realize that they are dead. And with one extra student now on the roster, this is what, for some reason of supernatural or otherwise, sparks a string of strange deaths. Yet eventually, class three came to learn a countermeasure to this frightening tragedy – to treat another student as if they simply did not exist.

Although the episode cuts off at this point, one key aspect is that Misaki mentioned the problem was with the students, not necessarily the school, room, or class itself. In the past, class three attempting switching rooms, or changing names, both of which were unable to halt the deaths. A new question arising is why are the students specifically being targeted – what have they done? Keep in mind their family members are susceptible to the “curse” as well. And knowing this, it’s almost certain the passing of our hero’s mother is in relation to this.

In fact, could the death of “Misaki Fujioka”, Misaki’s cousin, also have been as result of this?

One is also, of course, left wondering as to what will come now of the more intimate relationship between Sakakibara and Misaki – yet we needn’t strain ourselves in thought over this as the next episode preview does show some scenes which imply a rather “cozy” atmosphere. We’d love to say its one of romance, however there remains nothing to evidence that at this point.

However, the short glimpse of what’s to come does indeed show Sakakibara and Misaki spending time together. During the day they seem more relaxed – yet they’re with one another as night falls as well, to which it appears for some reason, our hero is apprehensive.

As another episode of Another has come to pass, allow us to simply say that the exquisite flavor this series provides is one which won’t be found elsewhere – and indeed is it a true delight.


  • Xenos says:

    It was such a relief finding out Misaki Mei was a real person. Mei’s explanation answered some questions with regards to what was happening but it also brought along with it more questions to be asked. I’ve been wondering why the teachers are not just revealing who among the students is the “extra” student. I mean, if that extra person was someone from Class 3 whom had already died, wouldn’t the teachers be able to recognize them when they see them? I’m not sure about the “altered memories” thing cause the librarian guy seemed to have realized something when he was talking to Sakakibara. I hear some people saying that Sakakibara might be the dead student but I think that the curse shouldn’t take effect when it’s the dead student him/herself talking to someone else in the class. Well, I hope Sakakibara isn’t the dead student. I want to see development between him and Mei now that they’re isolated together. XD By the way, I think Mei’s mom is the one we saw in an earlier episode going up the stairs and not old lady caretaker in the store counter.

    • Seven says:

      By creepy caretaker, I actually meant the lady going up the stairs. I think they’re both pretty creepy lol, though I thought it sounded a bit easy to misunderstand when I wrote it – an error on my part.

      As for the other items you bring up, I would have thought it to be “altered memories” in respect to why the teachers don’t recognize the dead – yet you make a great point about the librarian. Although perhaps the dead is resurrected only in soul and not physical body? Or in other words, they’re the same person, in another’s body. I’m sure there is ultimately a reason why the series is entitled “Another” – not to say this is it, but it’s an idea.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your theory sounds about right, specially when it comes to think in later theories in which people would look into the 26 year old class photo trying to find Misaki Mei, but without actually knowing if either she would look like the current Misaki or anyone else.
        I also wonder, does this dead person know it’s dead? Or maybe it fits into the others as well, beliving to be alive? Either way, I’m doubt if this means that the dead is doing the killings, punishing the class for not being “included” or there’s a matter of yet “another” (hehe) supernatural force that is influenced by the existence of this dead, thus the happenings are oblivious to the dead person, unknowing that the class needs someone ignored in order to keep “death” at bay because of him/her.
        That role would fit Sakakibara very well, though it would be kinda disappointing even if well fitting with his introduction in the hospital.
        The killings will continue though, even ignoring him, as if they have him ignored, they don’t need to ignore Misaki Mei anymore, thus “reintroducing” her to the class and as for the preview, cerntaly shows they will continue contact.

        The preview made my “other half” smile. Adorable.

  • Seven says:

    Misaki moe:

    Kid having seizure:

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