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Intense Gundam EXVS Full Boost PV

Feb 4, 2012 @ 1:31 CDT

Available now is the first pre-release clip for the soon coming sequel of Gundam EXVS, “Gundam EXVS Full Boost” which promises more of the robot fighting action to English soundtracks the game is renowned for.

The video preview does well to rivet an individual – with the song’s combination of heavy guitar, screaming, and yelling, doing much in the way of inciting adrenaline alongside the fast-paced sights of explosions and electricity as robots do battle. The low-res quality of the video as result of it being recorded from afar fails to hinder the intensity offered by the video at all – going to show simply how invigorating the action is.

Feel free to behold the lively mecha engagements below:

Expect the game sometime within 2012 on PS3 and arcade.

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