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Fate/Zero Loli Sakura Insect Rape

Feb 1, 2012 @ 14:13 CST

Shounen Ace’s March 2012 volume comes with the latest chapter of Fate/Zero – as for what this chapter features, it’s the sight of little Sakura being raped wholly by insects, proving certainly not for the squeamish.

As she’s chained helpless, Sakura is literally smothered by a swarm of disturbingly shaped insects who crawl all over her skin – and venture within every hole she has. Whilst the anime’s display of this scene was definitely disgusting, the manga is by far more grotesque to the point of vomit induction – yet then again, we’ve yet to see Fate/Zero’s uncensored Blu-ray release.


  • frost says:

    Did you see Uryuu’s victims in the Manga.

    I do want to see what the blu~ray does

    • Seven says:

      I saw them and decided not to post them simply as I myself found them far too disturbing.

  • Wow, the visual novel made it sound disgusting, but the artistic depiction sure is gonna rattle some people up.

  • I never saw anything in Fate/Zero that would have me believe they held back on much of anything save for what simply couldn’t be shown to the public eye, so it’s a fair assumption that we’ll be in for a near equally disturbing ride with the Blu-ray release.

    On a personal note, I’m actually looking forward to it. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen anything that could send an honest chill running through my spine. Such moments are, truly and honestly, worth savoring for everything they’re worth.

    That having been said however, a small bit of advice for those slightly well less versed in the darker side of anime. Don’t let whatever you do see weigh on you too much.

  • darkrai234 says:

    wat chapter is this?

    • Seven says:

      Not sure as I don’t follow the manga myself, yet it is the latest released in Shounen Ace so it is probably quite up there.

  • triton6783 says:

    Some of those look like penises. Really gross.

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