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As if humor increases in correlation with episode number, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou’s fourth spectacle brings more highschool girls – allowing us to see how raunchy and uncivilized they are compared to boys.

Preparing us for the debut of many new characters as promised within the next episode preview of last episode, this one opens with the subject of Tadakuni’s loneliness – he feels his friends have been strangers recently. So as he conveniently happens to notice the two sitting together and chatting, he decides to listen in and learn what they discuss when he’s not present. He hears an assortment of topics being shuffled around from profanity to politics – yet he understands them just as well as he would a foreign language.

He’s baffled that his friends would speak of such different subjects when he’s not around – however as he gathers the courage to go confront the two as they’re about to head off, it turns out they’re not actually his friends, they’re a pair of rather mature in appearance individuals who resemble his friends greatly for the most part, minus facial details.

Getting to the second main story of the episode, an adorable constantly blushing highschool girl is deciding to visit the all-boys school of our characters. She’s the student council president of an all-girls school – and some sort of inferiority complex inspires her to challenge the local all-boys school. Little did she know, they’re far different than her imagination believes – busting confidently into the student council room of the all-boys school with her two proteges, she and her companions are brought to tears as they’re met with the sight of several cold glares.

They retreat immediately, only to check the signage and see that indeed, this is the student council room, not a hideout for delinquents. And with that in mind, they enter once more – contrary to her expectations, she’s treated with incredibly courtesy within a room spotless and clean. Whereas her school is filled with messy young girls, these individuals prove to be true gentlemen. Yet the seitokai shoujo Ringo-chan has trouble accepting this – however before things get too out of hand, the seitokai pres of the all-boys school introduces himself.

He invited the girls over as they’re going to be putting on a joint culture festival – skipping to the event in question, the all-boys seitokai has set up a haunted house, and as per a little competitive flare brought up by Ringo-chan, if she successfully reaches the end of their haunted house, she “wins” the fictional battle in her mind. Impressively does she manage to get through the haunted house’s abundance of dismemberment, blood, and gore without yelling – yet as she arrives at the sight of an undressed male seitokai president, she loses.

Then comes perhaps the most hilarious of skits to come as it simply is all so accurate – Tadakuni’s blonde haired friend, Hidenori, is taking care of ticket entries alongside a twintailed girl who one may recognize as familiar from the “funky” highschool girl short. As Hidenori simply takes it easy, the girl keeps going on about how awful highschool boys are as if she’s experienced with them. Hidenori realizes she’s speaking nonsense and keeps quiet – yet as she hits him and goes from rude to totally conceited, he excuses himself to switch places with his look-alike.

This purely criminal looking character has an aura of hate emanating off him and his facial expression shows irritation – the girl quickly begins to cry merely from his presence, and even apologizes, although the guy has no idea why as that is merely his normal demeanor.

Overlooking some more fiery spectacles and misunderstandings, the final segment is another run of “Highschool Girls Are Funky”. These highschool girls, same as seen last time, speak down upon highschool boys before calling one out who lives nearby – it turns out to be the ever-collected Karasawa. As he offers them his ear, they waste his time insulting him pitiably and saying he should die, clearly out of jealously as they do not have their own anime series – yet Karasawa is too respectable a person to stoop to their level.

He merely looks down at them, then leaves for a moment and returns with snacks – tossing it to them as if they were animals in a zoo, and sure enough, they act the part.

Epic would be a grand understatement at how spectacular this series is – a show all too comical, yet not particularly far fetched at all as it is filled with many relatable and real-world scenarios, all of which play out in the most amusing manner possible which we not dare miss. this is by far the must-watch anime of the year.


  • Anonymous says:

    Well I’ll check this out, maybe it will be as funny as Nichijou.

    • Seven says:

      Highly recommended, although I’m not sure one can compare it to Nichijou – they’re quite different. However I can assure you this series is hilarious, and it offers exactly what it advertises, the “daily lives of highschool boys”.

  • lurrdoc says:

    Best show of Winter season 2012, imo. I wouldn’t compare it to Nichijou either. This is way funnier. Especially this episode.

    • Seven says:

      This has to be the funniest episode thus far – particularly because of Karasawa, he became an instant favorite of mine.

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