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“Life-Sized” Naked Loli In Akihabara

Jan 30, 2012 @ 5:44 CDT

A sight certainly not uncommon in this district of Japan, a shop specific to otaku needs located within Akihabara had on display a “life-sized tapestry” of a loli from an upcoming eroge with her clothing tossed aside.

Sofmap is carrying these illicit yet delicious tapestries to promote a soon to launch erotic visual novel, Hatsuyuki Sakura, which is set to launch February 24th of this year – a game about “the days before graduation”, or in other words, typical, or rather, not-so-typical school life. One has to question what sort of highschool must one attend to be able to enjoy the bodies of lolis like this – indeed do we regret having not went there.


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