An elemental workshop.

A third colorful clip promoting upcoming mahou shoujo series, Smile Precure, has aired – exhibiting both the girls’ sparkly and magical secret life, as well as their average yet entertaining seifuku wearing school days.

This is the first pre-release video to show the girls as they go about their business whilst not in mahou shoujo mode. The commercial viewable below introduces us to their standard flavors, then their alternate arcane renditions as well – yet regardless of their magical status, the girls remain boasting several specific traits which seemingly do nothing more than make them as adorable and moe as can be.

For instance, even taking into account that this is Japanese animation, these girls are abnormally vibrant – both literally, and metaphorically in personality as well. To ensure they meet the standards of stereotypical feminine cuteness, they’re composed of rounded shapes, most notable in their supernova sized eyes, with as much excess glitter and pizzazz as could have possibly been implemented without flooding everything else out.

To take full advantage of this all, they constantly move about – making cute meaningless hand gestures, as well as amusing facial expressions, to leave one engaged.

As mentioned before, this is definitely a series for everyone as these girls do appeal to their target demographic of children quite well – yet they also are so moe and adorable, they attract the attention of lolicons and other questionable individuals. And whether we look no further than the image above, or watch the CM below, we can quickly conclude that without a doubt, this will satisfy otaku and average men, of any gender, alike.


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