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Symphogear gets even more intense as the series escalates in both emotion and its brutal display of bloody action – a character thought to be angelic actually has an unfortunate past of sorrow and sadism.

The episode starts with first taking us five years back – Kanade, the deceased character who died saving our heroine in episode one, has yet to touch a Symphogear. She’s still alive, and she’s simply a vicious problem child who is currently tethered up to a chair. Apparently her parents were killed by the enigmatic antagonists of the series, “Noise”, and in turn it left Kanade with quite a dirty attitude, not too surprising there.

What is more off-setting however is that Kanade is downright bloodthirsty – ready and willing to partake in various experiments and training activities, slowly selling off her soul, in exchange for the power of a Symphogear. And finally, that day she’s awaited arrives – injecting herself with a substance in the neck after already taking two shots to both arms. She coughs up a pool of sanguine, yet she couldn’t care less as she’s gained her own Symphogear. From there on is what began Kanade’s time spent with the blue-haired hypocrite Tsubasa.

Noticeably, Kanade changed to become a more compassionate person as she’s saved people over the years through singing and fighting simultaneously – which as stupid as that latter half sounds, is a warming turn of events, and of course, something we’ve seen first hand as Kanade rescued our heroine within the first episode.

Yet unfortunately, upon returning to real-time, one is once again acquainted with a tale which seems to only become more vile in thought, emotion, and action as it carries on. Some flashy showoff arrived to do nothing more than boast their armor in front of Tsubasa – and Tsubasa seems to be well familiar with this individual, and not to mention, quite repulsed by them. Although both human, the two bicker and fight for no more a reason than mere dislike – yet then we learn it is our heroine that this newcomer is after.

Incidentally, it is also around this point where Tsubasa loses any reasonable judgement – she’s basically become unstable mentally due to her gushing emotions, and so she decides whilst overtaken by feelings to execute her “Swan Song”, an anthem which amplifies the effect of the Symphogear to a point where, just as with her lost partner, will kill her as well as the enemy. Even though Tsubasa has been shunning Hibiki, our heroine remains admirable of her – and with Tsubasa announcing her intentions, our heroine begins yelling against them, yet it is all too little too late.

Tsubasa does not hesitate in her attempt to bring about her own death – however she fails, ultimately doing nothing more than seriously injuring the enemy who now escaped, and inciting a critical condition upon herself as blood is channeling out of her eyes and mouth. She’s immediately hospitalized and the usual “why did this have to happen?” does follow – an important note however is that our heroine is gradually becoming more pushed to take action with this event, stating aloud herself that she has people she wants to protect.

Our heroine is hung up not merely on the thought of why someone is after her, but she feels she’s responsible for Kanade’s death, Tsubasa’s pitiable state, and of course, what the future holds – a belief definitely not accurate, though typically felt by people in such rough spots. Whilst she can’t undo the past, Hibiki’s intent on becoming “stronger” to ensure no one gets hurt – not Tsubasa, not random citizens, and perhaps most significantly of all, not her greatest friend Miku.

Hibiki’s relationship with Miku may prove to be far more meaningful than much else as do keep in mind that while our heroine is currently wavering in whether to reveal her ever-developing Symphogear situation to her longtime friend, this friend of hers is the one who will eventually be mourning our heroine’s death as seen within episode one, a topic which remains hot as it’s certainly not a minor facet to overlook. How exactly does our heroine die and why? No matter what else Symphogear shows us, we can’t help but return to this question still unclear.


  • Hawkward says:

    This was an awesome episode, and I feel really sorry for Hibiki. She’s almost comparible to Yuki from Mirai Nikki in a sense that one day they are just typical high schooler, the next they’re tossed into a war which literally decides the fate of their twisted, messed up world.

    Kanade, I predict will be more calm, or just depressed once she recuperates. Having expected to have died, and failing to carry out her intended duty, anyone who literally throws their life away, only to have a different outcome than hoped would be depressed, though for all we know she could remain the stuck-up tsundere she became since Hibiki attaining her symphogear.

    In any case, we better have progression of Hibiki next episode. Having been treated to a training montage within the ED, and given a slight cliffhanger about not keeping secrets with your closest friend, surely this must be followed up upon.

  • gargamesh says:

    Just the main screenshot alone has enticed me to watch this

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