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Mayo Chiki Just Too Sexy For Blu-Ray

Jan 26, 2012 @ 22:48 CDT

Going beyond any sort of respectable standard, for the third instance in a row, Mayo Chiki has watered down the erotic content in its Blu-ray release compared to that of the censored televised airing.

One would not only expect, but feel rightfully entitled to the full untouched and uncut rendition of a series, with extras even, if putting down the currency for a physical copy – and that is exactly what one receives when purchasing any other anime Blu-ray volume, yet not in the case of Mayo Chiki, which instead comes censored, edited for the worse, and downright unworthy of an otaku’s single dollar or yen.

This holds especially true when effecting one of the series’ most prominent aspects – bare breast groping. As can be seen below, the Blu-ray puts a tasteless striped bra on the pink haired loli character with a delectable chest, Masamune – completely altering the scene as she no longer has her nipple pressed against the hand of a random generic male character.

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