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InuBoku SS delivers even more of the excessively cute polite loli we’ve come to love in its third episode – giving us a dead serious story intermixed amongst silly aspects and several intercessions of adorable chibi.

The episode begins as our heroine recalls deep into her childhood something which exclusively held true from then up until just recently. Selective members of her family happen to have demon blood flowing within them, they’re neither all demon, nor regular humans of course – they’re something between the two, and our heroine happens to be one of them. She was never loved like a daughter by her parents – nor did anyone in her family at all appreciate her as anything more than an extension of their bloodline.

Yet in spite of this despicable upbringing she endured, as we know, she’s a polite little tsundere girl.

And back in real-time, her agent thanks her for the short message she sent him the day before – mentioning how he’s saved it in a bulletproof manner across several different formats so he can always relish its tsundere characteristics to his death, stating he’s going to read it every night before he goes to sleep. Chibi mode engages as we’re overcome with moe and laughter before the series moves onto legitimate affairs.

Our loli is going to attend her first day of highschool, yet not only this, there’s a social gathering as well the day after which she must prepare for. Although our loli already has her dress picked out, and so our attention goes to her first day of highschool. She’s hoping not to act in her usual sharp-tongued tsundere fashion towards any other students – yet near immediately does she do just this, shooting a razor edged remark at the direction of two male students who are shamefully jealous of her prestige.

So kind is our loli that she feels upset at having told them off, even though it was completely justified. Continuing along with her first day, she learns the voluminous chested pink-haired agent, Karuta-tan, is her classmate – unfortunately however, before showing us any epic school time interactions, the day comes to a close and our loli carries on with other things till she sees her dog-like servant kissing another female. She doesn’t exactly become hurt by the sight of what he’s doing – rather, why he’s doing it.

His reason is that the female was one who confessed his love to him before, however he rejected her – yet she insists to only leave him be if he kisses her. Our little Ririchiyo feels frightened by seeing someone who acted so kind to her go and display such false feelings – causing her to break the contract with him. Of course however, she let her tsundere side get the best of her – and in reality, she’s not all too satisfied with the outcome she’s brought upon herself.

As the time comes and she finally attends the social gathering, she once again is confronted by the jealous insolents who ridicule tiny females now attempt to dish out an endless quantity of pathetic insults, which although harsh, our loli herself believes are true – even though they may not all be. However, her former agent arrives angered by the disgusting words being directed at his beloved loli – a notion which allows our loli to realize even if she received no love as a person in the past, there is someone now however who views her as such.

Now our loli’s opened up a lot more to her dog-like servant. While she tries to hide behind fierce words, she’s in reality a creature as delicate as she appears – fragile, cute, and flat chested. Similarly to those before, this is an episode with subtle development of character backgrounds – as can be seen by our loli’s childhood, as well as her agent’s memories of undressed affairs. Yet also an episode which builds the forefront of the series as well, the ongoing real-time relationship between our loli, and her dog.

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