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Shy & Sexy IS Charlotte Mizugi Figure

Jan 25, 2012 @ 18:54 CDT

Atoning for the dreadful, stale, and dry Beach Queen of Infinite Stratos’ sexy Charlotte, a new figure comes which finally captures her mizugi fitted essence in a flavorful spicy manner sure to satisfy.

She sports a stunning yellow swimsuit which of course goes well suited with her luscious hair as they’re essentially of a matching tone – patterns of vivid golden yellow lead up nicely to her lavishing blonde hair, and the same holding true vice versa as well. With all this yellow, of course the strongest point of interest proves to be her eyes – a pair of dark purple pupils which complement her hair and all which she adorns.

Unfortunately however, the visage overall is not particularly well crafted – it’s certainly respectably done, yet fairly lacking in detail, and with a price of approximately $100 USD, that’s a major disappointment.

Now while her face is not as superb as could be, her body is splendid beyond any other figure of her character – sculpted with very delicate curves which truly recreate the female charm. Notice how around her abdomen one can see her form swivel out from the front – whilst from the back, a shapely waist which leads up to some slender legs. As if not seductive already, her mizugi’s lower portion is patterned with black stripes intermixing with the yellow, which aside from of course making for a much more fashionable mizugi, does well to draw one’s eyes to just the right place.

This especially holds true as one will see Charlotte shyly attempting to pull down her swimsuit’s bottom portion – yet this expectedly this has the opposite effect and merely attracts our attention to that delectable area instead, whilst also catering to the appropriate fetishes as well.

For a one piece mizugi, this is the sexiest it gets – the black has an elegance to it, specifically as it all spirals around to the back of Charlotte. As the black is implemented in conjunction with a brilliant hue like yellow, the yellow in turn radiates off her body – making her oppai appear as if two beautiful suns in the distance.

Her breasts are visibly well sized without saying – the shape has truly been perfected, making them appear almost realistic alongside the flawless skin tone. And another nice aspect in respect to her oppai is that they’re neither hanging all over the place and blasting us in the face, nor are they completely hidden – rather, they’re impeccably balanced between coverage and cleavage.

A gorgeous figure whose shyness can be yours to torment.


  • alexsaingxd says:

    If her smile was shown, it be certainly a splendid figure. With that facial expression she gives, it’s okay. Overall the figure itself is amazing. She’s my favorite character in the anime show.

    • Seven says:

      I agree, the coy look is good – just not well done here, speaking strictly of her facial expression of course, the other areas are all too sweet.

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