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Persona 4 The Animation’s third volume Blu-ray is now available, and a chart has been devised which compares the visages of characters from the televised and Blu-ray variants respectively, showing significant difference.

Although every character looks quite synthetic as per the style specific to the Persona series, it’s easy to see that the characters within the Blu-ray boast far more intense and refined facial expressions – increased details, more shadow, and some even heavily altered to a degree much more effective as can be see in episode seven’s row, third down. Feel free to further examine the seemingly arbitrary yet interesting changes below:


  • One word: Quality.

  • frost says:

    Woow, they look 10x better

  • Hawkward says:

    Why did they have to make Yuu sexier?!… I… this is just…
    *is NOT looking forward to being awkwardly aroused during the Kings Game episode*

    x_x – Looking good though! However is it just me, or does Kanji look ever so slightly moé?

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