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Papakiki – Wet Lolis With A Story

Jan 24, 2012 @ 21:36 CDT

Papakiki exceeds expectation for the third consecutive episode as it caters to desires of moe and loli, integrated with a moving story, all without deteriorating to the same quality of the tragically terrible manga.

Our mildly generic male lead Yuuta asserted he will take the lolis in order to ensure they can remain living together as a family – and sure enough, he did just that, prompting this episode to start as they’re on a train heading to his home. During the ride, they of course delve off into chatter – the 10 year old still being the sharpest of three daughters as while the other two are idling on some arbitrary topic, she mentions that our main character must be fairly pleased as now he’s about to start his life living with two bishoujos, and one who is still in the works.

A situation to envy indeed.

Finishing with one train ride, there’s still several more to go – yet before completing the trip, Yuuta decides their unit should replenish on edible substances first. However, it seems that every restaurant they encounter is full of either happy families or expensive dishes – both of which he hopes to avoid as he’s uncertain if the girls are sensitive to such a sight, as well as the fact that his wallet is expectedly quite tight respectively.

Yet Yuuta is saved as he stumbles upon a karaoke place – allowing him to satisfy their hunger through cheap food whilst also providing them some menial enjoyment after a hardship faced. It all goes well, however not flawlessly – as the girls are having fun singing, Yuuta’s pervert friend happened to be in the building as well and catches sight of his buddy with a group of young girls.

Believe it or not, this is not the issue – our protagonist’s friend is surprisingly understanding. The problem is that Yuuta receives a phone call from his aunt as he was discussing the matter with his friend – our main character then wakes up to reality a bit.

Raising living creatures, human or pet, is a task easier said than done – and although Yuuta was certain of his actions prior to the conversation with his aunt, his ideals only strengthen in theory afterward, but go further to solidly develop by the end of the episode. As Yuuta was on the phone outside of the karaoke room, his friend watched the lolis in a manner shockingly respectable, without doing anything illicit – yet more interestingly, one will notice the eldest of the lolis, Sora, to be unmistakably worried over Yuuta, even attempting to insist no one eat till he returns.

This is nice in that it shows how highly Sora thinks of our male lead – yet also that she understands the deep responsibility he’s accepting, hence one of the reasons she’s concerned over him and hoping that he’s not troubled any further. This is consistently visible throughout the episode – as is our main character’s growing confidence in supporting the girls.

He’s revitalized after the chat with his aunt and finally arrives with his harem of loli nieces to his apartment. They find that it is indeed as small as promised – yet with some enthusiasm, they make it into a slightly nicer place where the girls can treat like home, yuri oppai fondling and all. The single incident to arise is that the girls are clearly not all capable of accepting the loss of their parents. The 10 year old tries to act strong, but she’s honestly saddened on the inside. Whereas the smallest of the three, Hina, doesn’t even understand that her parents are dead.

It’s a painful experience to overcome, but the girls seek to persevere – resulting in an turnout of smiles instead of sorrow.

Certainly was it a long day for our characters – yet as they lay down beside one another to sleep, and the eldest loli sees her sisters still beside her, she releases a tear of sadness at the passing of her parents, but also one of relief as she’s still together with her family. Forgetting that there’s any manga, novel, or game related to this series and focusing solely on this anime alone – it has been so far an unanticipatedly beautiful watch, wet with emotions, as well as lolis, however absent of anything which is too distracting from the story.

This spectacle overall sums up similarly to the previous two episodes, a lovely watch which is well worthy of the time spent doing so. Now hopefully once the series beings mixing in more of the inevitable emphasis on our protagonist’s college life, which we truly would prefer wasn’t a factor at all, it does not ruin the delicate aspects of the tale.


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