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While otaku writhe in pain as they anxiously with forced patience await the promised, yet seemingly nonexistent, second season of Seitokai no Ichizon, the series’ manga is experiencing a revitalized prosperity.

Although the anime’s first season has concluded, every paper based variant of the series is alive and kicking with harem eccentricities – prompting a nationwide student council marketing campaign across Japan to promote the series’ latest ventures. Our seitokai harem can be found plastered over public transportation – as well as an assortment of many propaganda video clips which utilize a tactful display of lolis and bishoujos, every otaku’s unspoken weakness.


  • Hawkward says:

    Sometimes I wonder if having a waifu on the go, should be illegal, or kept to a minimal >_> Yeah an otaku sapling trying to make compromises it just doesn’t fit hand in hand. Truth of the matter, if you had that loli-mobile on the roads of the UK, you’d have the vehicle seized for one reason or another (Too cute for the general public?).

  • I haven’t gotten this psyched about an anime sequel since I heard they were coming out with the new Evangelion films. And though every day that brings no new news is sad indeed, that single moment of satisfaction when it finally comes will surely be worth it, I believe.

    All hail Ken Sugisaki and the magnificent Harem End!

  • Firetribe says:

    I hate riding the bus, but I don’t t mind riding on one with my Kurimu pictured on it.

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