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InuBoku SS Demonic Loli Slice Of Life

Jan 12, 2012 @ 18:22 CDT

InuBoku SS goes live with a start simply splendid in every respect – winning us over with the premise of the plot, whilst keeping our eyes entertained by the sight of a cute loli main character, and amusing us through comedy.

An introduction unmatched, InuBoku starts off by introducing us to an adorable loli who acts as our heroine – she’s not to be taken at face value however. This elegant little girl is not your typical “ojou-sama” type – rather, she’s upset at how others view her in that regard merely as she comes from a family of stature. She’s in the process of moving into a new home, and others of a poor and lowly, lamentable nature are already gossiping about her from afar – going off their fictitious ideals they’ve come up with themselves to judge her.

Although a bother indeed, our loli is not one to idle on such insolence – however, she is one to hide her true feelings through a facade of extroverted false emotions, or in other words, she’s a tsundere.

In actuality, she’s no more than a physically undeveloped and troubled female soul – yet, she has a habit of feigning hostility towards any and all with sharp comments. She recognizes this issue and doesn’t find it favorable – although it’s not merely something she can stop with ease, it’s engraved into her everyday behavior. It’s shown just how adorably nice and polite a person she truly is once she encounters an acquaintance of hers who also happens to be moving into this manor, an apartment complex for the super rich, or so we believe for now.

Yet continuing along, the short interactions amongst friends all settle down and die as our loli now arrives on the fourth floor alone – just outside of her room within this building built not for an average man. Pushing the cart of her personal belongings to a spot just a short distance from the door of her room, a box from her luggage drops on the floor – she puts forth her best effort to pick it up, however its simply too heavy for such a slender loli as herself to pick up.

Now InuBoku SS manifests its subtle excellence as we receive a savory sight of our loli heroine from behind as she attempts wholeheartedly to lift this box beyond what her minuscule muscles can withstand – yet this spectacle is one seen only for a second as before long, this box she can’t even budge lifts off the ground in a manner of gracious salvation from the heavens themselves.

Arriving to her aide is a bishounen afflicted with heterochromia who seems impervious to her insults – and an expert in turning anything she mention into a statement affirming his unwavering devotion to her life. He’s an agent of the “Secret Service” sent by an unknown party, yet presumably a member of her family, to take care of her – and whilst she’s not very welcoming on the outside, she’s far too sweet a person on the inside to shun him away, yet she may not want to after all.

As one continues to watch, they will come to see how troubled indeed our loli is emotionally – she’s been through much suffering and pain in the past as result of being from a wealthy family. Many treat her unjustly, whether good or bad, merely for their own selfish pleasure. Sorrowful memories of moments like these keep haunting our loli throughout the episode – however she’s the kind who holds steadfast and strong, not merely breaking out into hysteria over them, but simply recognizing an issue to exist.

Then do we learn it may not merely be the fact she’s of a high social class that she’s received such torment in the past, but perhaps, her being a demon has something to do with it as well. Some imbecile brakes into this elitist apartment complex in hopes of robbing our loli – only to foolishly find out he’s made a grave mistake indeed. Not only is our loli not of the human race, but neither is her “dog”, the pitiably sad “Secret Service” agent who allots his self-respect at zero in favor of tending to our loli’s every need.

And it’s not simply those two either, the entire complex proves to be full of demonic creatures of all kinds.

After scaring away the petty thief, our loli’s dog affirms his loyalty to her – an act which prompts her to ease her stance on him a bit, only to learn the following day he’s taken it to an extent much greater than she’s mentioned, prompting her to realize this fellow to be no more than a stalker, and thus, a beautiful relationship begins.

The story is obviously unique and certainly is it one which can tend to many tastes – it has a lighthearted slice of life overlay with comedy on top, yet deeper down it contains a plot which breaches the darkest of the dark in human souls. And the magnificence in InuBoku SS is that it exhibits both of these to the viewer within this first episode – balancing them out to a formula exact, showing more of the hardcore plot towards the end so as to not scare anyone away, and allow for an easy ride into it instead.

Yet an aspect not nearly as well transitioned is the facet of every significant character being a demon – this comes from nowhere and brings an anti-climatic turnover to the scene which we assumed would have been full of Secret Service martial arts combat action. Then again however, some may view this as a point for praise – and admittedly, the show did go for the unexpected.

Something which any can unanimously agree however is that there’s aesthetic pleasure to be found in the female characters who range from flat chest to fully developed. Yet feminine charm aside, the animation quality and character designs are superb – with arbitrary service scenes being simply a much appreciated extra to the already grand visuals.

Varying camera and illustrative techniques are used to emphasize emotions during scenes – an example being how our loli on occasion switches to chibi mode, as well as how the camera can be noted to center in and out on the characters in a manner more artful than usually seen in most series, or during less serious scenes, a feature best noted within the flashbacks.

There’s no need to take a second guess, this series is one worth the watch for those yet to do so – and one which any who’ve understood the marvels of this first episode will continue to stalk our loli till the end.


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