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Curvy AnoHana Anaru Beach Queen

Jan 12, 2012 @ 4:29 CDT

Whether a fan of AnoHana or not, this sexy striped mizugi sporting Beach Queen figure of Anaru is all too impeccable to ignore – showing off assets of sizes ideal, curved, and well impressive beyond the chest.

Whenever it seems the Beach Queen series of figures is getting a bit dried up, Wave Corporation releases something like this – a figure so voluptuous in composition and delicious in appearance, one could care less about the smaller 1/10 scale or any other minor details as it is quite clear the quality is incomparable in class, the single downside being the torturous several month wait till its release date of late July 2012.

Anaru’s orange hair is as vibrant and outgoing as her personality – and a color recreated to spectacular accuracy in the third dimension, starting off more brighter and brilliant around the top of her head, then gradually diminishing to the darkness, turning a more shaded orange. Like icing on the cake, she has radiant yellow ribbons in each side of her twintails – adding to the summer beach vibe as this accessory pair comes in a hue akin to the eminence of the sun.

A collage of yellow and orange is once again seen within her eyes – keeping her harmonic in appearance, and certainly doing well to entrance onlookers through female charm before one even begins to reach the best parts.

More vivacity can be seen as another lively color is introduced – an assortment of pinks which tastefully make her top, mizugi, and bracelet. The top is temping in that one will notice the shape of her developed body, alongside a hint of swimsuit stripes and oppai – being drawn in by her allure, yet not failing to please or simply prove a tease, the top is removable to reveal her mizugi full and unhindered, allowing one to more deeply indulge in her body which is proportioned to precision.

The reward which the rear view of the figure offers is simply potent to the point of bringing one’s vital signs to a stop – halting every internal process, save for maybe one of arousal, as you encounter a display just all too overwhelmingly desirable. Her bikini bottom is snugly fit around her waist – held on by only side-ties, and gratuitously giving us a pattern to enjoy as well. The level of perfection to be seen here is to the point where it becomes beyond what humans can comprehend.

Make note of the refined legs, spine arc, and the fact she makes a final upward glance – the structure of her figure sweetly captures the delicacies of a female. And further to induce nosebleeds and rage of excitement – the pose is one which cannot be beaten, a bent over positioning in a playful fashion with one hand propped on the leg, whilst the other, shows a sign of enjoyment.

You’d have to be a sort of masochist who finds bliss in bringing pain to yourself if you choose not to pre-order this.


  • Hawkward says:

    This figure is just TOO perfect… Though like with most Beach Queen figures, I prefer the clothes on, surprisingly. I have never seen the anime this character is from, but the pose if unique, cute suggestive yet welcoming as well… almost inviting >_>

    Though I must admit, this is more of a figure I’d keep in the box if I had one, as it would make the rest of my figures look up (literally, nendys and pixtones) and awe in comparison to this figure.

    Even masochists can treat themselves sometimes :3

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