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Incest harem anime, Papakiki, kicks off to a surprisingly innocent start – sporting a solid story delivered in a lighthearted outlook, alongside some foreshadowed tsundere loli service among other incestual affairs.

The manga left our expectations for Papakiki to be of nothing more than a total incest anime series, and seemingly it is – although unlike the whimsically illustrated tangible variant of Papakiki, if this first episode is to be taken as any serious indication of what’s to further come, Papakiki’s anime seems to allow one to breath in between scenes of lolipan, having a steady build-up, subtle yet sweet service, and most unbelievable of all, a legitimate premise for a plot arguably original to some degree.

Our male lead, shocking as it is, is not a highschooler – he’s a college freshman who just recently started his grown-up life, now doing his all to stand on his own two feet. Like anyone, he has more than a single set of worries – the anime starts by introducing us to his fresh college life. As any average person, he has no friends upon entering this yet to be explored realm of society – however, it is only a meager matter of time before he begins to find his place.

Treading through a swarm of students recruiting for their clubs, he encounters a busty bishoujo with a facial expression of pure indifference – blandly handing him a flier for her social group. He’s attracted more so by her than by the flier, and we must commend this so as he’s merely acting as most of us males would – yet noticeably throughout the series, he doesn’t start panicking like a little girl when glanced upon by, or making contact with, females. Something which is commonly seen with many a generic male lead.

Our protagonist here however, Yuuta, seems to be no coward – he ultimately ends up going to a gathering advertised in her flier, drinking a substance presumed to be alcohol, and later awakening after assumingly having passed out from becoming drunk, being greeted by the sight of a husky man attempting to trick him with a ploy only an idiot would have fell for. This crude buffoon failed miserably in pulling something over on our seemingly ever-collected main character as his minions aren’t too interested in keeping up an act – one of them being the beautiful female from earlier.

She’s a second year in college with enormous oppai, a woman who “looks good enough to be a model or actress” and it appears she’s taken an interest, although unclear if a romantic one, in our main man – however without a doubt, he definitely likes her in that sense. And thus, one aspect of his life is summed up as another begins to brew and bubble.

His sister who has a biological daughter no older than your average toddler – as well as two step-daughters who, even though aren’t her own, she considers them all the same, treating them all with equal affection. Yet it seems however that even though she admires her children so, she’s bound to leave with her husband “for the day” – having duped our hero into coming over and taking care of her daughters.

Now although supposedly he’s only to watch them for a short time till their mother returns – from the fact he wasn’t informed of the situation at all, and that his sister dumped his stuff at her home, we’re rather certain she’s abandoned him with his very own harem of young developing girls, essentially making him a made man, set for life as he now lives out the ideal aspiration of many an otaku, with ripe maidens who admire him, and best of all, being treated to the visually delicious sights they provide whether on accident, intentionally, or against their will.

As a rule of thumb, usually anything of the harem genre with a title which is not “Seitokai no Ichizon” is inevitably destined for failure – there is nearly no exemptions of this rule, yet Papakiki is not a normal harem series.

First of all, the leading male isn’t a highschooler – this courageous, almost crazy, diversion from norm cannot be praised enough. The modern anime industry is so overcrowded with highschool male leads, if one asked another for a series with a male highschooler taking the top role, it would truly be much simpler to share with them all of the ones which do not for them to avoid. It’s not merely that this breaks away from the repetitive down spiral either that we do appreciate it, but it also brings a perspective seldom seen.

There’s only so much a Japanese male highschooler can go through, of which we’ve truly seen it all – and thus, moving up in the educational system a bit is certainly exquisite and effective a tactic. In recent memory, there is merely Kamisama Dolls and Genshiken which feature university attendees as our leads.

Secondly, an abundance of service is not bad – Hanasaku Iroha has nude girls bathing every other episode, yet why it wasn’t so poorly received was that one wouldn’t even notice this with a hint of significance. Presentation is important, and assuming Papakiki will keep up the impressive display of this first episode, service will be satisfying without becoming excessive, needlessly emphasized, or over the top. We were treated to some pantsu shots and oppai close-ups – yet they were smoothly implemented, short, and to the point, or rather, the pantsu.

In respect to the story, we’ve no reason to complain – save for out of jealously. Our lead will be experiencing a predicament only dreamt of by many, with one particular aspect which has us excited is that it seems one of the children he will be living with, a girl still subject to the wonders of puberty, appears to like older men. However not merely is it any aged creep that she likes, but specifically our male lead – this tsundere who’s still growing both vertically and horizontally has a crush on our main character, and incredibly adorable indeed are her resulting actions.

We’d enjoy to see things play out in her favor – and of course, three girls living with a single man is a certain recipe for amusement of all types to ensue, yet another reason we’re looking forward to the next episode of the series.


  • Anonymous says:

    Why Incest?
    Yuuta’s only fully blood-related niece is Hina

    • Seven says:

      Although it wouldn’t be under consanguinity, the other two nieces remain a part of the family – thus incest.

    • It’s not even about it being actual incest by blood relation or not; it’s the concept itself that’s having people treating this anime like an overly bland cup of coffee.

      No one can argue the recent trend sticking out in anime and manga, that of romantic relationships springing up in a manner not unlike a thorn-laced rose between cousins and even brothers and sisters. You may not like it, but it’s there and you’ve gotta learn to deal with it one way or the other.

      But when you take a father figure as a pretext to thrust a still immature college student into an otaku’s perverted fantasy with less than legal girls who are now his “daughters”, you’re pushing it not just a little bit, but waaaaaaaay too far.

      My apologies, I got a little too into what I was saying, but I stand by my point regardless.

      • Seven says:

        These sort of stories are quite fascinating, among other things.

        The scenario of Papakiki, if it were to occur in reality, would be viewed as completely absurd, spark national news interest, and there’d likely be one more young adult male added to the sexual predator list.

        As you’ve mentioned, these sort of inner-family love stories have been occurring far too frequently in recent anime titles, although it’s a pretty troubling thing if you truly stop to think for a moment.

        A rather complicated situation indeed.

        • Morality issues aside, I’m concerned because anime like this is exactly the kind of thing that’s like fodder for people like Ishihara who sought to impose restrictions on the industry.

          You don’t even need to think to know the argument they’d use, and it’s one that plays directly into the hearts of people about what they care most about, their children. It’s a losing issue no matter how strong your stand on freedom of expression or whatever else you want to say, and there continue to be more anime that push this envelope more and more.

          • Seven says:

            Indeed, although it wouldn’t be fair to simply downcast series such as these.

            • You’re right about that, but with respect to what I said before, it’s in that types of anime keep pushing the proverbial envelope a little bit further that’s disconcerting.

              Even I have to ask myself, where does it stop? And if I, and I’m certain many, many other fans have asked themselves this, you can be damned certain that it’s crossed the mind of a skeptical politician or two, or three or four, etc.

              Anime like Ro-Kyu-Bu!, the upcoming Asa Made Jugyou Chu!, particularly Yosuga no Sora (no explanation needed here, I trust), and now Papakiki – the increasing sexualization of anime that has you scratching your head in wonder when something REALLY controversial comes up and pops the lid on our own little Pandora’s Box and stirs up some serious trouble.

              • liberator says:

                While Papakiki could become ammo for failed politicians in need of votes, I just see this show as one that draws idea from series like Sister Princess, or Onegai Twins. And if this could stir trouble, I would think the on-going novel series would have done so already.
                As for the sexualization of anime, this probably has been around forever. Classics like Love Hina and Mahoromatic, to more recent shows like Infinite Stratos have all been sexualizing young females to cater to the mainly male otaku audience. The “concern” parents, politicians, or civic groups can just as easily use decent shows like Kanon to attack anime, as it was based on an eroge.
                For the episode itself, a reasonable start, but nothing spectular.

  • vacxy says:

    Please no hina doujinshis

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