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Danshinichijyo Absurd Imouto Pantsu Theft

Jan 10, 2012 @ 23:17 CDT

Abandoning a tsundere childhood friend, disowning the unrelated by blood imouto, and running past the enigmatic bishoujo, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou already strives to steal the spot of greatest anime of the year.

Serving as a revolutionary shift from the days of anime revolving around female highschoolers with incompetent male characters on the side, Danshinichijyo delivers the perspective of those Japanese highschool years through the eyes of regular male highschoolers. Which already, is a fantastic concept – as this, when executed to such a caliber of spotless perfection as seen here, can similarly appeal to both genders, something usually unseen as anime centered around highschool boys would typically be geared towards a fujoshi audience (Ouran High School).

If you fear for your health, you’d want to avoid watching this series as believe it or not, highschool boys seem to live daily lives which to a spectator will induce agonizing pain from uncontrollable laughter. This series is literally, and for sake of further emphasis, we repeat it again, literally, a stream of nonstop comedic skits. There’s not a single second of this first episode which doesn’t correlate back to some hilarious outcome.

For a fine example of such, our three main characters – all of whom are authentic and certified highschool boys, explore how to capture a girlfriend early on within this first episode. As they act out varying roles of male student, female class president, and a role best described as “miscellaneous”, they go through the full 360 of hardships encountered on a route of romance – going on to recreate all the mannerisms of a girl, guy, and an interfering third party within a love story.

“Tadakuni”, our male student taking on the hypothetical position of male student, fails repeatedly in scoring a successful love life with his pretense lover, who is in reality, a male friend of his acting the part of a girl, until he comes to realize the true determination it takes to succeed in love. “Leaving behind his tsundere childhood friend”, among other things, to succeed in accomplishing his goal which he’s not actually attempting to achieve. It’s a degree of epic which goes beyond what words can accurately represent.

And that’s merely one of several many silly segments the series has to offer, with skit after skit coming nonstop – each boasting everything, down to the motion of the characters, being designed to illustrate that expected of a highschool boy. This is most easily recognized in the scene which shows Tadakuni’s friend topple over the desk in a manner which looks nearly as if done so on purpose after seeing Tadakuni himself walking with a girl – a truly laughable sight.

Now while one is mislead by this series to think we’ve witnessed its greatness, it goes further to show simply how unprecedented in excellence it is with a short display of novel eloquence. A girl steadily approaches one of our guys as he lay having tried to read a book along the riverbank. Our man gets twitchy as the girl goes out of her way to sit next to him, yet remains totally silent – he’s riled in thought as to what exactly she expects of him.

Thus he takes the initiative – the girl is for whatever odd reason, partially flushed in expression and seemingly on the brink of breaking out into laughter, yet she also noticeably returns to her composed bishoujo look on occasion, however as our man takes the stand, she practically is a hint away from busting into a comically induced hysteria. As our man sits there with a dead serious look on his face, staring off into the horizon as if an intellectual, he’s actually in a constant fit at what to do within his mind.

Yet when he calls his friends over, one may as well be as good as dead – the articulate air dies off with a powerful thunder of comedy which simultaneously overwhelms us with cuteness as the girl is simply all so adorable in reaction, piercing our hearts with moe whilst rupturing our stomachs for good measure.

When it comes down to it, nothing else needs be specified in the case of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – it doesn’t matter what genre you like, or what x does to your y, or any other pretentious questions one may have, just watch the show, for your own good, it is recommended.

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