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The “Cute” collection of iDOLM@STER Cinderella characters cards are now available – highlighting the high maintenance “ojou-sama” type who is sure to be very annoying, yet equally as sexy to make up for it.

Being spoiled their entire lives as result of being born to families with immense wealth and class, these girls are all emanating with an adorable sense of adventure as they seek to go beyond their well to do lives. Assuming you’re familiar with our original group of idols found within the anime, or the other regular games, you should know this category of girl very well from the likes of the bossy loli Iori, as well as the busty middle schooler Miki Miki.

However similarly to our idols of passion, our favorite from this bunch happens to be a newcomer, an unfamiliar face, yet one simply so lovable by name of “Rika Jougasaki” – who also akin to her featured counterpart of the “Passion” class, takes on the look of an animal. Although she attempts to be a vicious bear here with fangs, claws, and all else, she’s simply so cute we want to hug her – among several other more explicit things which best go unmentioned.

Making this all so delicious is her facial expression – she’s not merely dressed the part, but acting it as well, leaving us to wonder why she’s cosplaying as a bear to begin with. One could presume this represents her personality – perhaps she’s a feisty tsundere who attempts to act ferocious, yet in the end she’s simply too cute, cuddly, and flat chested to achieve such a scary look.

Gorgeous are the golden orange hues found in assorted discrepancies of intensity, all contributing to the persuasive visual delight of her body of fair skin and ravishing blonde hair no beast could possess. Indeed this ojou-sama is well worth the attention if you want to reap the rewards.


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