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Aquarion EVOL Sex Powered Mechs

Jan 9, 2012 @ 20:19 CDT

Joining the ranks of other surprisingly exquisite anime of winter 2011 is sci-fi mech action series Aquarion EVOL – which aside from featuring the aforementioned mech action sports oppai, nudity, moe, and more.

Acquarion EVOL’s first episode exceeds the duration of your typical anime episode, combining basically both episode one and two together to run a length of approximately 42 minutes instead – and this extended feature couldn’t be more fitting as the series offers a first experience on par with an epic film. And ironically, Aquarion EVOL starts off by showing a scene of flashy romance – yet that turns out to be no more than a movie being viewed by our main character who appears to work at a theatre.

However, this motion picture is apparently not nearly as epic as this anime will prove itself to be – although regardless, our protagonist seemingly admires it with all his heart, presumably mainly for the heroine it portrays within. Aside from this special case, the film is implied to be a grand failure uncared for by anyone else.

Certainly proving to be a twisting scenario indeed, as our hero heroically cleans up garbage from under the seats of the theatre – he encounters a girl both lavishing and all too cute, shedding a tear as the unpopular film comes to a saddening end.

Our hero, who we learn to go by the name of “Amata”, is shocked – he’d never thought anyone would like such a shunned film, especially not a girl as stunning as she is. Yet more so in disbelief is he that after some small talk, she agrees to wait outside several minutes for him as he quickly finalizes his work so they can enjoy an undisturbed chat – yet it also seems there’s another reason for the short wait as well.

Before dashing off with a vow to return in a few, for a moment, it appeared our fearless flirter with females was beginning to levitate off the ground in a shimmery spectacle of golden illumination. That prompted him to head out immediately – and then as we see, in private he stuffs his boots with weights for the obvious reason of keeping himself grounded. This is rather amusing and intriguing in itself as we’d never before seen a character, real or fake, require they do that to stay on the Earth’s surface.

No matter, he succeeds in his fight against gravity – meeting up with the girl within the town after amping the weight of his shoes. The two tarry on together in a boat reminiscent to the gondola of Venice, discussing various down to Earth matters – as well as ones more exclusive to this futuristic world.

After much banter, the elegant town falls under siege by an opposing force of mech units – interrupting the serene date of our two leading characters of differing gender. Not to worry however as the city’s home team of militia force mechs arrive to defend their motherland – an entertaining battle goes back and forth between the factions, however the goddess of victory seems to be swaying in favor of the invaders. All the while, our main character is trapped bleeding from the head after saving his female friend from an otherwise certain injury.

Unlike some other cowardly male leads, our hero immediately decides he wishes to save this girl as she’s the single person he found who was willing to wait for him – not to mention, the fact she merely was willing to chat with him at all. Thus Amata lets the weights in boots go loose – allowing himself to break free, female in arms, and fly up from the debris they were engulfed under. As they ascend to the skies, they’re taken in against their will within a formerly empty jet – now occupied by the two, male lead with sexy female in his lap.

Ultimately, our hero’s ship ends up merging with others of the home team – thereby forming an immensely powerful mech not even seen in dreams, Aquarion EVOL.

This is a complicated show, so breaking this down into the basics of what one would need to know – when the opposite genders collide, incredible things happens to robots. A “Union” between the opposite genders is something “impure”. However, what exactly a “Union” is remains unspecified – yet one can see that male and female relationships are highly revered for better or worse within this anime.

Our main character is a man quite powerful to an extent he doesn’t even seem to know – yet there exists a strange fellow who can be seen talking to himself for a good portion of the episode, who does indeed know the power our Amata holds.

Amata occasionally recalls a scene from his past which shows a woman leaving to the stars, a carbon clone of the heroine seen within the movie which no one save for himself and his female protege happen to like. She’s literally flying away just as he did earlier – although with a face of sorrow, and of course as one can insinuate, she’s never returned. As she flew off, a shota child variant of our main character cries out against the situation. Thus we clearly know he’s been through some life changing events in his past – yet those remain to be further explored.

Similarly, another topic to be developed later on is the matter of a visual prophesy which shows Amata’s sexy violet haired friend being married against her will to one of the antagonists attacking their city earlier. That irritating antagonist of a character spends the entire episode wailing about how he found his “wench” as well, just in case you missed the prophesy.

With the aftermath of the brutal, yet successful battle, Amata and his cute companion were ordered to be taken aboard the stronghold of the town’s army. Amata, not too surprisingly, is likely going to turn out to be some heroic savior for his homeland – and with his beloved bishoujo by his side. Yet unfortunately as one will easily come to notice, some fellow of the “douchebag” social class seems to think Amata’s female friend belongs to him. This will of course be a point of conflict to grow, spiral in circles, then finally settle in favor of our well-deserving Amata.

And lastly, we’re left truly excited to see how far Amata shall go with his bishoujo friend – what struggles shall they overcome, and what accomplishments shall they achieve.

As a mere bonus to the story of supreme epic, Aquarion EVOL is a sight certainly hard to match – a refined city akin to a classic European destination such as Italy, with an ultra-modern overlay of massive mechanical monsters, radars, magic, and other fictitious futuristic fantasies, bright and brilliant in color. It’s honestly reminiscent to the recreation of Venice as seen within world class anime, Aria, albeit a much more synthetic, stylized, and less immensely intricate one – however that’s not a negative aspect at all, simply a comparative difference.

Never did we think a series which shows all of its characters undressed and whitewashed with censorship within episode one could amount to such an articulate display, yet Aquarion EVOL does so as if second nature. A definite worthwhile watch for those looking for a unique escape.

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  • Anonymous says:

    i really was hoping there would be like another freaking show of aquarion its alsome amanta and apollo are super CUTE!!!!!!!!!

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