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Doujin About Attractive Girls In Kimonos

Jan 8, 2012 @ 21:17 CDT

Now circulating within the otaku infested depths of Akihabara, and originally seen at Comiket 81, this doujin is one devised by a glorious grandmaster in intricate patterns, kimonos, and moe as it boasts all three.

This doujin features full-color original imagery of girls in colorful kimonos – yet even with that being the case, that doesn’t mean all the girls included model the kimono according to tradition. While some females exhibit the article of dress as per the intended fashion, others sport it in a manner much more unique such as that exemplified within the stunning stills of number three and four below – a loli making the most of her flat chest, as well as driving eyes to other enticing areas of her body, with much in thanks to the kimono. A truly magical piece of outfitting indeed.

It is necessary to note the single most spectacular aspect of this work which is the mingling of patterns and colors – every page of this artbook is littered with beautiful patterns which range from those which cover the entire page in lovely hues and still somehow manage to secure emphasis on the focal points, something exquisitely seen in several images below, most notably the last which takes place in a matsuri setting. Yet negative space can sometimes be more effectively filled with a simpler display, and the artist does just that in several illustrations as well.

Looking to the outstanding artwork of intense red above, it consists of a precise layout of highly contrasting black and white to form a female with value being very delicately regarded in shades of grey on her kimono. Make note of how all three colors found here, pitch black, white, and the striking red, all recur throughout the illustration in several places – enlightening it with harmony. The red acts as if it were a seductive trap (no pun intended), as its achromatic charm ensnares the eye against its will – leaving any and all glaring in admiration.

As a gift to otaku far and wide who cannot, or merely don’t, purchase the doujin, or even those who simply want some sexy pixels, the artist has made available on his site most of these artworks and more in a variety of sizes suited for any monitor.

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