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Acchi Kocchi Loli Kimono Artwork

Jan 7, 2012 @ 21:11 CDT

The official site for Acchi Kocchi, an upcoming cute romance anime with chibi characters and nekomimi, has went live today alongside some nice artworks to add to the pizzazz of this upcoming simple series.

Of two livid art pieces made available, the first shares the five characters – all of which look rather chibi and amusing to look at, yet not particularly original save for Tsumiki mainly due to her ridiculously oversized ahoge. As for the second image, it shows Tsumiki in a kimono celebrating the new year in a manner quite colorful – a purely line art based artwork intricate in its floral patterns and accessories which adorn her outfit.

It’s looking to be a straightforward series which doesn’t intend to be ground breaking or the likes from the PV, and as such, many are not raging over it – yet we personally can say this looks to be an enjoyable watch which we look forward to.


  • Anonymous says:

    acchi kocchi already finished airing, and this is the last post about it… kind of sad, especially that i really liked this anime (altho it might appear boring to people that doesn’t understand japanese – jokes based on play of words aren’t funny when explained, one have to actually understand them)

    • Seven says:

      There never was another post on Acchi Kochi except the PV – reason being that even if you understand Japanese, if you don’t understand animation, you might be gleefully amused by the series like a child, yet’s it not very well done in any respect beyond some moe moments, and not worth watching in my book.

      • Anonymous says:

        i see your point.
        well, just been curious, since in this post is stated “this looks to be an enjoyable watch which we look forward to”, and never was said any more on the website.

        Thanks for reply

        • Seven says:

          Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as anticipated – and it didn’t help that the series utilized some recycled aspects from several others.

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