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Otaku Christmas Cakes & Love Confessions

Dec 25, 2011 @ 10:03 CDT

With meals out of the way, otaku continue to celebrate Christmas in a variety of ways – moving onto decorated desserts previously withheld, as well as assorted festivities simply obligatory with Christmas day.

Below you can see a varied collection of cakes as per an otaku Christmas party. Whilst seemingly a bit peculiar in some respects, many of these confections do look quite nice, our personal favorite in particular being the two Yuru Yuri cakes which come with a stinging yet saccharine taste of tsundere, alongside the mild flavor of seitokai symmetry. On the topic of yuri, the highlight of this all has to be the much awaited confession of love between Madoka and Homura.


  • Man, the icing designs are quite amazing. Props to whoever creates those images with icing.

  • liberator says:

    I wonder if these otakus will be able to eat all those dessert by themselves after the photo shoots…

    • Seven says:

      Although it’s entertaining to joke about them at times, I believe many “otaku” do surprisingly have a respectable job and average family – so perhaps X-san’s mother sees her son Y-chan enjoys Ika Musume for example, and so she made him a cake. Yet again, even if say for example, a hardcore otaku comes from a typical family, Japanese cultural differences could simply indirectly allow him to keep on with his over the top obsession.

      The science between otaku is certainly quite interesting to say the least.

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