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Astarotte No Omocha Nopan Dakimakura

Dec 20, 2011 @ 15:25 CDT

From Diomedea, the same group responsible for the innocent Ika Musume variants, comes a pair of outright raunchy, pantsu lacking Astarotte no Omocha dakimakura with embellished oppai to complete the look.

The queen succubus herself, pictured first below with her soft pink pantsu around her legs, is surely soon to have a harem of over 3000 men just as stated within episode one of the anime starring her starkly differing flat chested daughter, Astarotte no Omocha. It’s undeniable that even though being a horrible series which completely failed to sell, otaku will flock in great number to purchase this erotic accessory as its simply overwhelmingly relevant to their desires.

Ironically, just as many “real girls” of the third dimension resort to prostitution as they have “no alternative options”, it seems the single remaining choice for the studio of Astarotte no Omocha was to profit off the bodies of its overly well endowed female characters.

If anyone, the maid is perhaps the only able to best Astarotte’s mother in breast size.

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