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Papakiki Incest Harem PSP PV

Dec 19, 2011 @ 8:12 CST

A preview video has been released for the PSP game variant of incest harem series “Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!”, or Papakiki – this PV acquaints us with all manner of oppai fondling we should expect.

Besides introducing us to the small tsundere breasts we’re going to fondling, assuming we play the game – it also exhibits each of the lolis composing the main character, a college student’s, harem of young female family members. Interestingly, the propaganda clip offers a sampling of the soon to air anime series as well – however it unfortunately shows us nothing of visual gratuity. This lolicon virtual training utility will be released April 26th of 2012 – with the anime series coming earlier within the month of January.

Watching the PV below, you will be able to experience all the tsundere whining the series will deliver early on:


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