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Ore No Imouto Cute Advertising Continues

Dec 15, 2011 @ 5:58 CDT

Unbelievably cute little sister, Kousaka Kirino, once again features in another advertisement, as does her companion Kuroneko – the two make use of their moe to market “WebMoney” for the holiday season.

Up till now, the two have been only modeling their irresistible second dimensional charm for Mazda – yet as one can clearly see, they’re expanding the realm of cuteness which they govern. There’s truly no more effective a tactic to get people to care about your product or service than to brand it with adorable anime characters.

Both amusing and enjoyable is this sight below which sports an imouto smiling vibrantly at the viewer, whilst Kuroneko wears only a dissatisfied tsundere face all three times she appears.


  • Sentum says:

    So people are not bored of Ore No Imouto yet. Thought it was forgotten already. I hope they will not give them away to USA, just imagine what horrible things they would do… Like they did to Miku.
    - Hey, Miku, look a hotdog!
    - Hey, Kirino, look a hotdog!
    - Wah! Bacon wrapped hotdog!
    That was a veeery disgusting commercial.
    There’s also more commercials they made with her and all of them are HORRIBLE.

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