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Fate/Zero Episode 12 Has No Action?

Dec 14, 2011 @ 5:52 CDT

Pre-release stills are out for the 12th episode of Fate/Zero which is scheduled to air in a few days time, marking the second to last episode for the year – this soon to air installment appears to be one of realization.

Unlike what we’ve seen in some of the earlier preview images, these show characters with expressions of contemplation and enlightenment – sure enough, a clash may occur within the upcoming 12th episode of Fate/Zero, yet it will likely be another showdown of dialogue as seen in episode 11, although one far more intellect based. This of course remains mere speculation – yet look below to the faces of the characters.

Gilgamesh seems to be feeling high and mighty as he presumably ends a conversation with a fine point, while Maiya appears to be rather satisfied herself. Saber seems somewhat shocked, having received an order she wasn’t anticipating. Kirei is speaking out, either it is a statement adding to a discussion, or perhaps has he finally lost interest in the ways of Tokiomi? Continuing down, Irisviel’s visage indicates she has some bad news, and finally, we meet the man himself who likely is the one to deliver this distasteful turn of events.

Having made it so far in, so much has occurred – yet at the same time so little, with maybe only the death of a single servant, if any, keeping us curious what will drive the city to a madness impending.

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