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Firmly Wrapped Females In Yukata Gallery

Dec 11, 2011 @ 19:08 CDT

A gallery serving to satisfy the desires of one seeking the visual satisfaction offered by cute females, yet not in the usual manner of ecchi and oppai – this collective exclusively features girls in their summer kimono.

Most commonly seen at a variety of Japanese summer festivals and events, a yukata is a casual kimono most typically of cotton which makes any female appear to be rather delectable as it delicately wraps her body in a lovely pattern. These patterns, in conjunction with the lush colors accompanying them, are a key facet which greatly complement the beauty of the wearer – they vary highly between every yukata, however the aspect shared amongst almost all is that they’re usually of a floral theme.

One will easily come to notice these traits as one browses through the flavorful artworks below – yet the image above delivers all the aforementioned and more. Upon looking above, the very moment one’s eyes meet the artwork, it strikes them in a trance through its usage of depth to display the attractive girl without limitation. Working alongside shadow and line, every curve entrances the eye in a manner far too enticing to ignore.

Placing attention first on the shadows, one can see her hair color varies from a softer grey to nearly pitch black – this is the artist’s wonderful attempt at representing the light source, moonlight, coming off from the right. The value is not a gradual fade or gradient as is the conventional case – rather, it is a very sharp contrast like a wall, a solid shape of darkened hue. This technique of shadow work is exquisite in bringing out the darkness of the atmosphere – a setting in which substantial visible light comes only from the radiance of the moon.

Contributing to her allure is her placement within the composition – the artist made magnificent use of the rule of thirds, off-setting the fine female to the right, and forming an informal balance as the remaining negative space is decorated in a manner asymmetrically pleasing. The background is kept dim and somber – when comparing to her vivid yukata of soft blue, this truly has to be one of the most perfected presentations of light. She shimmers from within a still night – darks recede and light comes forward, causing her to glow brilliantly in more ways than one.

In order to ensure the negative space doesn’t simply feel empty or lacking, the artist included a kuro neko in the lower left, whilst also surrounding her with diminutive fireflies which work to complement her charm as their vivacious green phosphorescence acts to contrast the red of the flowers on her yukata. Balance of hue is sustained as the lively orange ribbon or “obi” also acts as a complementary companion of the natural blue petals printed on her attire.

The focal point first and foremost is the yukata as not even her eyes, which are an opaque treat, outshine the colorful delight of her outfit. And as her ensemble is the center of focus, this of course in turn makes her tasteful physique the highlight of the artwork as well. A final feature worthy of mention, and well added to complete the piece, are her glasses which assist in the harmony of the illustration as they keep the cloudy greys and black of her hair and eyes recurring in a manner consistent – rather than feel to be an out of place splash of blackness.

An overall incredible piece with flawless shadows, subtle colors, and perspective unique.

Below one can further explore the treat of female summer fashion:


  • alexsaingxd says:

    Certainly anime galleries are terrific. I really like galleries especially the high quality that they offer aside. Whoever made this did a very good job on it.

    • Seven says:

      The two greatest features are the colors and curves – a lethal combination of allure.

  • Hawkward says:

    Gotta admit, while I love kimonos; Oppai combined with kimono, are one lethal combination as 064 elegantly displays.

    Thanks for putting this together Seven, I just… can’t seem to get the thought of kimono-wear out my head just now. I’d literally be happy even being able to just hug a girl in one :3 Makes me think of gift wrapped presents >_>

    • Seven says:

      As exquisite as that image is, the elegance of the female within 043 is simply overwhelming. Never before has megane been so well worn.

  • A beautiful flower that might seem as though it would shatter if you were but to touch it.

    Enticing we weak minded men, present company excluded of course, with their unfaltering beauty and supple chests that but have us wish to reach out and grasp a hold of the forbidden fruit (I’m calling dibs on any fruit-related puns that might stem as a result of this ;D).

    A splendid series of examples of just how terrifying the female is, indeed. Be wary, my fellow Seventh goers.

    • Seven says:

      Stated so wonderfully, I can’t even contemplate any witty replies to match.

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