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Working!! – While In Love With An Idiot

Dec 10, 2011 @ 17:59 CDT

Working’s second season is nearly becoming repetitive as the 11th episode is just as exquisite as those to come before – a tale regarding romance amongst coworkers of a restaurant with sprinkles of comedy.

An ordeal quite worrying welcomes us with the start of this episode – Yamada has lost “Daisy” the fruit of love between herself and Soma. “Daisy” is the name of the stuffed bear Soma purchased her a few episode ago, and she’s now unable to locate it after having abandoned it on a chair in the break room – scurrying off as the manager arrived to see she wasn’t completing any work. Yamada continues to search, alongside Taneshima and Katanashi until they inform Sato of the incident.

As Sato hears of this, he turns out to be familiar with the bear in question – finding it plopped on the floor, he realized it belonged to adorable runaway Yamada and tossed it up to her room, the attic of the restaurant Wagnaria.

That was a short and not particularly plot heavy tale – however an interesting aspect is the statement made by Soma as he hears of the missing bear. Prior to its recovery, Soma mentioned Yamada simply purchase a new one and he was even willing to contribute part of the cost – returning to a question asked when he bought her it initially, what compelled Soma to spend all his money on her?

Now as a second point of contemplation, Yamada was saying the bear couldn’t be replaced in response to Soma telling her to get another – one can view this as either Yamada being Yamada, or perhaps she truly thinks dearly of the gift as it came from Soma? This story is a simple one, and nothing is said explicitly, yet all actions of course have a purpose and if looking deeper, one could possibly unearth them.

The episode’s second segment is another diminutive display – we’re shown a day in the life of Nazuna, the sister of small item loving pervert, and former main character, Takanashi. Nazuna’s growing at an alarming rate – having already surpassed the height of her brother although still being an elementary schooler. She spends the otherwise uneventful morning checking out what each of her sisters are up to – before then calling it a day by early evening, taking advantage of every natural height stimulator imaginable.

Then finally comes a portion based around Sato – his love life still in a pitiable state. Yachiyo still fails to recognize he likes her more than a friend, and adding to the irritation, Kyoko’s underling also pesters him. Having a conversation to set this underling straight, Yachiyo overhears a single sentence, worries severely over it, misunderstands, and ultimately, all returns to normal after Sato follows a recommendation of Taneshima.

Todoroki remains still ignorant of Sato’s feelings, although Sato seems satisfied. It’s difficult to comprehend why he’s contempt as although this statement of Soma angers him, it’s true – he’s not made any progress with Yachiyo. This leaves one curious as to why he stated that if he fails, he plans to quit his job – and rather, fail in doing what exactly? If he merely allowed everything to return to average, is that what he sought? This would mean if anything were to go astray from the regular everyday life again, such as it did here, he’d take his leave.

Answers are scarce, yet questions arise in abundance at this complicated love.


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