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Pre-release stills are available of Fate/Zero’s soon-to-air 11th episode – showing us what seems to be another grand faceoff between several servants, including Saber, Gilgamesh, Rider, and his nervous master Waver.

A second encounter of Saber and Gilgamesh was ultimately inevitable, and one which many of us were patiently awaiting – a substantial battle between two of the most powerful servants, and two who we can recall from Fate/Stay Night, for those who have watched that. Yet it is doubtful either of our two savvy shall lose a life or suffer a defeat at this point in Fate/Zero as that would be quite early a departure for these major players.

One will also not be able to go without noticing Rider makes an appearance as well – yet again interceding and inviting himself, operating at his own pace of action, much to the dismay of his master.


  • With only a mere three episodes to go until our beloved Fate/Zero closes its first season’s curtains, we all knew there had to be… or at least were fervently hoping, that another awesome confrontation was to be on the way – and though this doesn’t look like the much anticipated rematch between Saber and Berserker, it seems as though the near unparalleled King of Heroes is already well on his arrogant way to try and claim the King of Knights as his possession.

    Yet how will our heroine fare while still without the use of her left hand? It might look as though Big Bro Rider will have to step in and lend a helping hand once again, yet we might still hope for some respectably awesome action before that happens.

  • eirei07 says:

    Rider is drinking…judging from the debates in the preview, apparently they’re just talking XD. An episode of the three kings having a chat? Sounds good!

  • r0llchan says:

    another pre-release preview by @seven? :-/

    oh man, Waver sux. hehe.

  • Anonymous says:

    When does this ep hit the air just found it last night fell in love with it

    • Seven says:

      It’s already out – the latest is episode 12. Releases every Friday/Saturday depending on timezone.

      After episode 13, there will be a pause on the series until May 2012.

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