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Flat Chested IS Fan Rinin Beach Queen

Dec 3, 2011 @ 19:08 CDT

Infinite Stratos’ twintailed teenage lolita becomes a Beach Queen outfitted in a striped orange mizugi nearly as vibrant as her personality – quite fitting of her petite flat chested frame and energetic pose.

“Lingyin Huang”, “Fan Rinin”, or whatever you’d like to call her remains equally as cute no matter what that may be – for a Beach Queen series figure, she’s surprisingly sexily top caliber in quality and appearance. Boasting her signature bright yellow hair ribbons, her hair flourishes out as if a brisk hypothetical wind were blowing through it delicately. This traits of hers fantastically contributes to her outgoing facial expression of friendliness and fun times to come – once again well suiting of her loli status.

With an inviting wink and a strong blush – she seems to be enjoying the imaginary time at the beach for a reason of romance in addition to the enjoyment offered by the activities themselves. This childhood friend happens to also unfortunately have a crush on the incompetent main character of the series she’s from, Infinite Stratos – saddening as it is, it’s impressive how her visage captures the emotion well, having Rin staring back at the onlooker as if we were her love (how adorable).

At least we can continue to admire her third dimensional form here, with blue eyes which complement the deliciously delightful orange mizugi she sports. However, the ultimate facet of this figure is the lolita sized pink swim ring which contrasts all – considering her slender shape, she’d otherwise have little impact upon our visual sensory elements which seek oppai she simply doesn’t have.

Regardless of upper body, she’s still attractive in more ways than one – leaving us quite certain she offers a splendid sight to be seen under her frilly swimsuit bottom which imitates a skirt.

For those with a fetish for childhood friends, she’s the ideal candidate – especially if you also like lolis and mizugis.


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