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Guilty Crown’s eighth episode comes predictably packed with sexy spectacles of all kinds – set at the beach, it does delivers the much awaited skimpy swimsuits, with oppai much larger than we expected to find.

Quick to satisfy, this installment of a series we deem only truly interesting with service forcibly grasps our attention early on – realizing it otherwise has no impact upon the start if only to be focusing upon our ever-average and hesitant male lead. The young and still rather well shaped mother of our main character begins to tantalize viewers with her breasts – yet of course, that alone would not be enough to entirely engage the audience, thus the camera jumps over to her rear, seducing all those watching immediately, and foreshadowing for some more eyecandy to come.

Our incompetent main character is heading to the beach for his “club” – this premise would honestly be the absolute pinnacle of lackluster, as it has been done so much, had it not been for a busty bishoujo by name of “Hare Menjou” who for whatever incomprehensible reason has a crush on our dull main character. Thankfully however since she does so, once arriving at the beach to see her beloved Shu being distracted by the meager breasts of the pink haired, air-headed Inori, she promptly brings out her surprisingly substantial pair of breasts.

Never did we anticipate from her seifuku clad appearance in episodes earlier on that she would be so impressive in physical composition – yet her ample chest is certainly a much welcomed addition to the episode, much more rewarding than anything else to come. Adding to her extraordinary bust is the fact she exhibits enough wit to understand that it is the central key to winning over her cherished love. On top of this, she utilizes them like an expert – posing with the pair propped out for a successful flirtatious tactic unmatched.

One can only focus on the alluring girls of Guilty Crown for a fair portion of this episode as we learn the actual reason behind the trip being to take advantage of the Void within Shu’s male friend – yet even the militia crew themselves have no mild idea of why they’re there or what purpose shall they serve until a fragment of this information is revealed shortly later on.

Until then, the episode showers us with even more unforeseen curves – the annoying megane wearing girl proves herself to have some fine assets, delectably wrapped away under her light green mizugi, as well as a rather erotically playful side to her personality.

Finally we arrive to a legitimate story – the arrogant leader with a gigantic ego nearly as enormous as the breasts we’ve been entertained with earlier within the episode, Gai, wants something from an above top secret shrine on this island in the horizon of nowhere. And to acquire it, he requires Shu’s skills, needing him to make use of a Void only found from inside the soul of his friend. Shu hesitates at the thought of exploiting another – yet of course, Gai responds that Shu isn’t necessary for the operation, mentioning how he should merely quit then.

Blatantly obvious is it that Gai depends on Shu a lot more than he makes himself seem – yet our easily manipulated twit of a main character allows a clash of jealously and absence of anything better to do drive him to ultimately drag the needed elements to the stage, secure the Void, and follow along with Gai’s scheme, which fails, and then are we shown the end sequence. The single positive aspect to come from this adventure besides the commendable oppai is how Shu manages to inadvertently strengthen a friendship with a regular classmate, Souta.

As for other items of mention, a man assertively makes himself a new character of the cast – clad in white, an old geezer who appears to be relatively agile for his age, and with some goals in mind separate from those of any organization. Assuming we’re correct, he’s out with his own ideas in mind – a third party joining the ongoing fray of the government’s GHQ unit and the mercenary group of child militants, the Undertaker.

Without a doubt did the story become ever so slightly deeper and intricate, yet it sincerely was not so compelling a display to encourage us to keep watching as much as the service did.


  • Sentum says:

    People who say that anime oppai defies physics are right most of the time.

  • frost says:

    So I’m hyped for the next episode of GC

    Totally not because of those pictures.

  • alexsaingxd says:

    At the end, where that old man took a visit to Ouma’s dad grave, the item he holds (where Gai tries to retrieve it) might by chance holds a power to bring him back alive

    • Seven says:

      Doubtful – what would give you that idea?

      • frost says:

        The box with the shiny blue rock.

        I guess

        • Seven says:

          Yet I don’t see where the resurrection idea manifests from.

          I was assuming the rock to be more a remnant of some dastardly creation that caused the so-called “Lost Christmas”, and this guy seemingly wants to do something dangerous with it.

  • Anonymous says:

    “At the end, where that old man took a visit to Ouma’s dad grave, the item he holds (where Gai tries to retrieve it) might by chance holds a power to bring him back alive”

    Just to be sure… You’re not writing about Dragonball or something like that, are you? I’m asking, cause I dropped GC at episode ~5 and since scamp dropped blogging it too, it’s not so amusing to read about what’s happening anymore.

    Anyway, bring back to life? Seriously?

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