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Nitroplus is gratuitously giving otaku willing to spend money on a limited re-release of a bishoujo game based around their well endowed mascot, Sonico, with delectably entrancing spectacles of sexy skin.

Communicate With Sonico” is the name of the game, and from the sight of things, quite an erotic game is it. Using context clues, one can assume all interaction in this game of communication surrounds non-verbal voluptuous female physical presentations. Looking below will one see Sonico playfully showcasing every angle of her body with a smile whilst outfitted in lovely colorful attire.

A delicious pair of legs made ever so sweeter by patterned and vivacious bright white boots – contrasting her equally as intense pink pantsu partially seen underneath her skirt. Her breasts are much more voluminous than most females – to the point even, it’s essentially a turn-off whenever we see her, however, this is not one of those times. She’s joyful as she has her collarbone and shoulders visible – with splendidly well-sized oppai which appear to be loosely entrapped within her blouse without a bra, or a very effective one at least.

Once when thinks she’s actually quite attractive, even with breasts equivalent in extent to cow udders, Sonico ensures she ensnares us with a tantalizing pose of invitation – emphasizing her world-class chest, whilst also showing us a sign of approval, and a facial expression of naughty desire.

Further below will you continue to see Sonico put her assets to good use – exhibiting everything she has to offer in a manner which would even seduce the most modest of otaku.


  • Seven says:

    I never cared in particular for Sonico – even with her alluring gigantic breasts and distinctive pink hair, but this is simply too much to ignore.

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